Friday, 1 January 2010

51.Wishes for 2010 to be the best one yet

Hey guys,this post is kind of late...I was planning on actually posting in 2009,but didn't really happen(keeping mum company when shes sad was more of a priority).I was writing in my diary the other day(I have a personal one,but the blog gets updated much more),and thinking "hmmmm,soon it will be 2010", "hmmmm,what? thats a new decade,WOAH!" "Hmmmm,what they hell did I even do this year?".......and suddenly a huge long list of things came up.I have done a fair amount to be proud of,but not really enough.I would like 2010 to be full of spontaneity and creative splurges,but then to be more focused with my schoolwork.I think its going to be a difficult year,but hopefully one with lots of opportunity.I wont be making any resolutions,as they are just false promises to me that I wont try to keep.Now seen as I only started this blog in October,heres a couple of pictures from the rest of the year(darn,I uploaded them backwards!).....

Wales this summer,awesome place..wish we'd stayed longer.

Grandads camera is pretty cool! Ha,you can see the paint in my hair and on my arm from decorating my bedroom,it took weeks to get it off.

All pictures of my completed bedroom,I was so happy!My bedroom was a complete shit hole before-and my dad had been promising to decorate it all my life.Finally got it done,I esspecially love my collage wall!

Wearing vintage headscarf,odd earrings and looking bewitched.

In town one night after seeing "Coco Avant Chanel",beautiful film.

I'm not really sure...but in the summer.

At Sophie's,on her swing beneath the willow tree-its a great place.

Windy day wearing an outfit I wore tons through the summer.

Paints for decorating my room.

Windy day again.

In town one day with Charlotte.

Leeds-pictures of my outfit that day,some of the great architecture and a table filled with vintage goodies.

In the summer in brough with Maria and Charlotte,when we had a 2 day sleepover in my tent.Unbelievabley fun days,filled with friends,happiness and sunshine.

Some time in summer,showing off my new satchel.

I was quite pleased with this photo...I was reading little women,in one of my favourite spots-the windowsill(its warm,I can see the world,and its very comfortable)

When my hair was still long.

On the trampoline at Sophies,crazy times.

When I wore ridicoulous ensemble of clothing,went outside and tried to bleach my old denim jacket.Unfortunatley it went wrong,and I had to chuck it away.

Charlottes birthday party-I was quite proud of some of those photos!

School one day,being mad and not long before the summer holidays started.

Chloes party.

Not really sure when this was.

A photo Charlotte edited for me-My iris looks really detailed,very cool.

Unexpected sunny weather urged me to take these photos.

Being nutty wearing red socks.

Funny times with Sophie.I AM SUPERWOMEN.

The days of not wearing make-up and wearing big scarfs.A awesome day walking with Charlotte.

Messy around with my mirror,very very early on in the year.
Those are a selection of my photos up untill this blog started.

So what a year its been!I'm sure not many of you have even been able to read all that,it is probably very boring for you guys.It took me a stupidly long time to select them,but it was fun to see some of those photos,even if they are quite embarrasing.The best photos I have,are with friends but unfortunatley I couldn't upload them as I haven't asked my friends for permission.Ah well....GOODBYE 2009,HELLO 2010!


  1. amazing photos and happy new year! from

  2. I love all of the are so pretty! Happy New Year! xo ava


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