Sunday, 10 June 2012

340.Wishes to eat fried eggs all day

It's a shame some of the best elements of this outfit aren't really captured in the photos. but atleast you can stare at fairy lights....

Saturday, 9 June 2012

339.Wishes to be a mermaid

After over a month(or two?) away from blogging due to my sincere wish not to fail my exams,I found it a slight struggle to put fingers to keys today.Not only because my brain is everlastingly frazzled from this ongoing thing called sixth form college,but also because I suddenly realised I liked the freedom of not blogging. Yet que sera sera,I still find I like this little old place of musings. And so, a catch up on my turbulent and dramatic life seems appropriate... They're Infused with Repeat Sleep Brooding with self-taught Fears Lingering blackness. Walls lacking light: wary of nothing Blooming Fears
I became a foil and cling-film covered mermaid -esque creature for a friends art project.Aren't they groovy and creepy all at once? to see more marvelousness clickity here.
I also wore my hair with a pencil in it.....
because I felt like a librarian.
I tried to keep my social life intact and partied with a few friends.....

In an outfit that I have not yet photographed,but adore.
Anyhoo... much to do and much to still say,hope to see you soon.