Saturday, 9 January 2010

60.Wishes this happened more often

Etsy Vintage shoes,H & M Navy Jeans,Dads vintage Belt,Zara burgundy jumper,Green Jacket from a charity shop (says mango on the label),DIY necklace made from a watch face and some string

So just a quick outfit post.....I haven't worn this jacket in quite a while,even though I wore it tons in the summer.I think it makes a nice addition to this outfit though.I also haven't plaited my hair in a long time too,I used to plait it quite abit,and put pink/blue shoelaces or ribbons in it.I plaited it yesterday for school,and today because I was abit rushed to get ready.I got this ribbon off a beautifully wrapped christmas present,and kept it for moments like these.I was planning on taking photos outside,but time ran away with itself and soon it was dark(I never get decent pictures in the dark),so instead they ended up inside again-the results are okay,except that second to last photo looks a little evil!

Well I'm going to watch "an education" tonight,which I'm looking forward night guys!



  1. i LOVE those shoes SO much!!
    x from

  2. I wish I had long hairrr, && he actually is:')

  3. great outfit; especially that green jacket :)

  4. I love it...your hair looks beautfiul!


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