Saturday, 16 January 2010

66.Wishes today hadnt been so dreamy


The title of this post doesn't reflect good dreamy-ness,in which everthing is blissful,easy and hopeful.No-I'm talking being confused.For most of the day I seem to have floated in and out of confusion.My mind has been mesmerized by thoughts of creative projects,mums shoes,old photographs,friends,nightmares,warmth,life,questioning everthing and general weirdness.Its been freaking me out-I'm not usually this dreamy,generally the wires up there work in unison but it seems today there having a short circuit.Its no good laying next to a radiator thinking "what the hell am I doing here?WHY? What the fuck,I don't get this anymore? ect" when trying to do English work. Unfortunatley,my outfit post went down the drain hopefully the screws wont be loose tommorow,and I'll be able to take some photos plus actually get on with work.


  1. Love the photos here...dreamy can be a good thing. xoxo ava

  2. i'm definitely a dreamer, but i try to control it, hehe :) looking forward to the photos and the outfit post. i get these great ideas to blog about, but then it's hard for me to write it out and they too, go down the drain... xx

  3. wow that second picture is stunning!!+

  4. Finally you see the light!
    don't go to it.
    don't run away from it.
    just stand like the Americans when they attack.

    The great thing are high without drugs, great way to save the money inside a green.....purse.
    Alien picture is quite fitting!
    But that girl is just, completely, utterly......

  5. I love the top image of the young boy and the ufo, thats very clever. I love your blog aswell, its very cute.


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