Tuesday, 12 January 2010

63.Wishes for better scanning skills!

Sorry for the bad scan skills!More Dash Than Cash,Jan Vogue

I've mentioned it before that for my birthday I was given the January issue of Vogue from a friend,however I'm still marveling over it.I just love this editorial,it just speaks playfullness and bubblegum to me.I love the styling,and the layering.....its just so interesting.The lace is great too,seems a little bit of vintage is mixed in.I also really like the shirt in the 4th image,I know its simple but its exactly like the type I'm looking for.Not to mention the socks over tights,tulle in hair,lingerie,corsets,and flowy skirts.Oh darn,I keep scrolling up and realising new amazing things I want to say about it,but I think that would get a little repetitive!

Schools okay,but I'm pretty busy plus my mums having an eye operation which is making me worried sick. Oh and also just wanted to say thanks for the recent increase in comments!



  1. That editorial is lush. I love all the soft, pastels, lacy feminine pieces and how they clash with the creepers and other harsher elements. Is it from UK Vogue?

    On a more serious note, I hope your mom's surgery goes well.


  2. I do like all the nude-tones and lacy pieces. Makes me wish spring was here right now. :)

  3. Love all of these, which Vogue is this spread from.

    Cute blog lady :-)

  4. love this editorial!
    its amazing!++

  5. Lovin the editorial, it's super cute , I have that issue too I recently started collecting vouge it's really awesome.

  6. may i make a wish? i wish for any one or all of those lacy underthings! those are gorgeous!

  7. I love the first picture, the colors are amazing!

    lovelove, M.

  8. Oh I love this editorial! Thanks for scanning it. I hope your mom's operation goes well!

  9. This is a great spread! I like the pink cardigan thingy in the first picture. Thanks for the nice comment! I did draw my header picture. I'd say its an obsession... Sometimes I'll be drawing instead of doing homework but my mom loves it when I draw so she can't tell me to stop :) it's great.
    Love Sofi

  10. Lingerie inspired looks are really romantic and sexy but I never know how to pull it off without looking way too over the top.

  11. Vogue is definitely a must have for any fashionista!


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