Saturday, 30 January 2010

76.Wishes to wake up to the beaming sun tommorow

In my opinion I live in a fairly ugly city;however in walking distance there is an area I really love.It's a couple of streets("the avenues"),filled with trees,wide pavements,stone carved fountains and old houses each with there own individual quirky bits of architecture. After walking through "the avenues" you get to a larger avenue with tons of cafes , a beautiful victorian park,plus some interesting shops (one vintage shop,two pretty gift shops,a chocolatier,a bakery,and some Indian and continental stores). On route you can also take a shortcut through the graveyard,which is a bit of a morbid place for a young girl to walk through in her freetime but still enjoyable!

So today when I woke up, the sun was shining in that wonderful winter sun way,there was frost on the ground......I had to get some fresh air,and I knew exactly where I was going to walk.Heres some photos(click to see larger):

Tree sculpture

Listening to music

Old houses,didn't take many photos of them

Vegetables outside the Indian food store(which is like an Aladdins cave)

Cobbled street! Looks really English(?) To me it somehow makes me think of 60's England.

The two best photos of the day(I feel shamefully proud)

This alley came in handy as a private place to take photos,though it was bitterly cold.

Photo's of the overgrown cemetry


Spinning around is fun

Necklace made from old keys and ribbon

Shoes that I constantly seem to take photos of

The second graveyard

Plus a couple of photos from when I got home:

Hairclip,scrapbook images, and rubber all exchanged (for earrings I was given for my birthday and disliked) at Bogoh boutique,which is a beautiful shop.

Black Nail Polish purchased from the pharmacy,for my soon to be non-chewed nails.

Clementines! I just can't get enough of them,I've been eating 3/4 of them a day.

So plus some tidying and homework,that's a general summary of my day.It's been a good one,hoping the sun stays for tommorow as it keeps me feeling positive.What did you do with your Saturday?


  1. the sunlight is beautiful in these photos!



  2. Wow,amazing photos.I really thought you live in England,it all looks so english!! :)

  3. Great photos! I'm so jealous of the sun you have there. it's still great and ew here :( and i love your hair! I'm trying to grow mine out, but its being annoyingly slow...


  4. I love all of the photos..great outfit! I'm addicted to clementines! xo ava

  5. this makes me so jealous that i don't live in england! i love the photos, absolutely love them! i love the houses, i think they have great character and they look so cosy to me! i like those sculptures! i wish i lived in a city where i could just get up and walk, but there aren't any sidewalks (i miss my home where i grew up.) i also love eating clementine's :) as usual, you're adorable. xx

  6. still love the hair clip the best ^^
    beautiful scrap book, lol i have that nail polish ( it's really gd)
    I wanna go on a walk now and throw hw in the sky .......
    xxx <-----btw no 'o' coz i hate em
    keep blogging

  7. you can never have too many clementines ever.
    + buff shoes! xx

  8. Love the key necklace! Awesome idea. I may have to copy it (I'll let you know if I do!). Great pics in the alley too! When I was pregnant I HAD to have six oranges a day for three months of my pregnancy (or I just didn't "feel" right!)!


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