Wednesday, 24 August 2011

301.Wishes for more time

I had an amazing time in London,but as usual bought very little-as you can see in the above picture.I'll post all my typical tourist pictures as soon as I get my disposable developed. I've got little to say,I feel pretty drained,and feel I have so much still to do before school punches me in the stomach in just over a weeks time.Results day tommorow...but I have no thoughts.
My brain mash means I'm being dreadfully un-eloquent.

Friday, 19 August 2011

300.Wishes to save the turtles

1. My new tights from h&m that are really quite amazing,but really hard to pair with anything.
2.We recently got a load of old lp's from a friend,and I love the cover of this one.It's french folky sort of music,so good.

And a few random musings....
1.I'm going to London this weekend,and am dreadfully excited!
2.I wanted to say thank you very much to anyone who asked me a question for my vlog in the last post(made me smile a lot). It will be a little while untill I get it done,so if you do still have any questions,then fire away in the comments section below.
3. I recently heard about an event called snapperfest- it appears to be a barbaric festival in which people torture turtles. So,if you want to sign the online petition to end it then go here

Sorry for such a hap hazard post,I just had so many little things to say(as usual!)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

299.Wishes for questions

UO Vintage renewal dress,next hat,vintage scarf and bag,mum's velvet cardigan,Office shoes,random bracelet,earrings and tooth necklace made by me

All Day and all of the night-The Kinks

I feel pretty jazzy(excuse my cringe worthy adjective) in this outfit,though the people of my area didn't seem to take to well to it on my walk today.I can deal with the constant staring,but hollers of "Oi Mary Poppins!" and such really do push my patience.Seen as you're all groovy people,how do you react to this sort of abuse?

I'd also like to say that I hit 100 followers(thank you,lovely blogosphere people!) a loooong time ago,and never propally celebrated. So,in all good blogger spirit I've decided to do a vloggity vlog,and for this I need your help. I need something to talk about so I'd love if you could ask me some questions in the comments below, for me to answer in my vlog. And if I don't get any questions,I'll most likely cry in a corner,so you know,my emotional state depends on you.

Friday, 12 August 2011

298.Wishes for love

I hope you guys don't think I'm regurgitating the same old shizz,with all my "blah blah MORRISSEY blah" posts...but you know,what's a girl to do? This is basically a badge I made the other day to show some love. Also I've watched countless Morrisey interviews,but I particularly liked this one(there's 4 parts I think)...


297.Wishes for you to vote

Skirt handmade by me,Topshop shoes,h&m cardigan and top,mums vintage necklace

I have a bit of a mixed opinion on this outfit-yes,the items complement each other-but somehow I don't feel very "me".I always find this quite a odd feeling,to not feel yourself in your own clothing;It is even odder when you don't believe you have a particularly definitive style.

I have two walls covered in inspirational pictures and photos in my bedroom,the one I'm stood in front of was created recently,whereas the other hasn't been tampered with in a long time-many of the images remain the same as when I first stuck them up(don't worry,I am trying to form some sort of point,not just babble on about my walls). When I look at that old wall I almost feel as if I'm looking right back into the past,not too far,but far enough to see the changes in my style. That again is an odd feeling. And that is almost the same feeling I get when looking at the above outfit pictures;I see them as a representive of the old me,I think.

On a last note,if you're not aware of the amazing blogger Isabel(of hipstermusings),then you may not be a aware of the competition she has entered,and not being aware of this is a bad thing. I demand you all to vote for her here! Or if you're not a fan of dictatorships,you could just vote for her because you think interesting,inspiring media is important.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

296.Wishes for calm

random purple polo,vintage shoes,ebay satchel,hand me down scarf worn as belt,random shirt I dyed pink ages ago,handmade earrings and skirt

Sorry for all the posts at the moment,I've got a lot to share with it being summer-I hope you're not all sick of me!

I also apologise for the totally awkward photos(dodgy lighting,backdrop,expressions et all),you would think after almost 2 years blogging I would be able to use a camera a little more decently. Also that last photo was actually meant to be showing my purple lip colour,earrings and the collar-not trying to showcase my beautiful chin.

ps this outfit makes me feel very "preppy"
pps I'm finding all the rioting coverage quite interesting( I don't mean to be callous,I do realise how horrific the affects of the rioting are on the communities involved,and do have upmost sympathy for them). What's your opinion? For one thing,young people in England could really do without more bad press.

Monday, 8 August 2011

295.Wishes for better jeans

Recently I've found Topshop to be just a little same-y and tiresome in their designs. And now their jeans have failed me...oh Topshop,how you've dissapointed me! These jeans have lasted a mere 4 months,and one day without any warning they ripped-yes,I can have a go at reparing them,but considering I paid a hefty £45 pricetag,I shouldn't have to be getting out a needle and thread. So,not neccesarily a complain-ey post,but more a warning to anyone planning on buying Topshop jeans- buy at your own risk. I definatley won't be investing in any anytime soon.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

294.Wishes to understand human behaviour

So,here comes part 2 of what's been inspiring me lately,you ready? Breath in...

Vianne in the movie chocolat,for her generally colourful asthetic and all her cardigans and skirts.

Vivian and Kit in Pretty Woman for their hooker outfits.

These 2 images just for looking efortlessly cool in that unobvious "hey,I look like I've just dropped out of bed,but really have spent 3 hours perfecting my cool look" -no personal stabs intended.

Bjork just for her always amazing hair,and interesting outfits,music, and general persona.

Even though Enid is obviously more interested in her style,I have quite a liking towards Rebeccas short black skirt and long top combinations. No digs at Enid(yes,I know she is a fictional character and will not be hurt by my comment) ,as I think her style is groovy too.
Izzy(All swamped in flowers) and Paolina(Calur Villade) for being my recent favourite bloger finds,and for all their creative outfits.


293.Wishes for a tarantula

So many things have been inspiring me lately-outfit wise/DIY wise and such,so I figured I'd note it all down on the ol' blog. Gonna be in two parts,because it's a large amount of stuff for you all to handle in one evening...
TarantulaSisters etsy for selling such amazing vintage items.I'm spending an unhealty amount of time sifting through their collection of items, generally lusting over all the pretty gothic,grunge and girly (check out my alliteration skills) items,whilst loathing the shipping prices.
Ursina Gysi for that amazing dyed maxi,and those amazing heart motif boots.
Sparkly tops!!Who could ever resist a sparkly top!
Checks/tartans worn in sort of unexpected/unusual ways-I have a particular love for Christines(of christeric) long checkered skirt,hopefully a DIY is in store.
Georgina Frost for generally looking badass.

Wishes, Sofie

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

292.Wishes for more teeth jewelry

3 necklaces I recently made, from left to right-

1.This is just a lump of fools gold I bought on a day at the seaside,and with a bit of wire and ribbon created the necklace.
2.Yes, that is one of my own teeth-and yes I think it looks imensly groovy.This was a fiddly job, which tested my patience quite a few times, but I'm really pleased with the result.
3.This is just some random stone I picked up over a year ago on a school trip, vowing that I'd turn it into a necklace. Finally done so, and I think it's a nice memento to remind me of that day.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

291.Wishes for more bargains

Random t-shirt,handmade choker,vintage belt, shoes and shorts

I apologise for the solemn expressions-I guess humid sticky weather calls for angry faces,and also very lazy outfits. My newest purchase is the bracelet;I've seen this type all over the blogosphere,and though I'm not one to follow craze's, at £1 this was a bargain buy I couldn't resist.