Saturday, 19 November 2011

313.Wishes for a kitten

ebay satchel,vintage shoes and watch,topshop trousers,mums jumper,socks,belt and hat

Map of an Englishman-Erland & the carnival

Bowler hats, catty eyeliner, slick cigarette pants and red lipstick all seem to fit some stereotyped style of cabaret or old fashioned glamour.I often dislike the idea of dressing in a particular "box", it seems far more fun to dip into each box and only take the pieces of treasure.Yet I also find the familiarity of a box somewhat comforting.What do you think? Do you prefer sticking to a set style?

Friday, 18 November 2011

312.Wishes to clean windows

There is nothing like a bit of George Formby on a friday evening.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

311.Wishes for magic

my old cub scout jumper,topshop "cigarette pants",vintage brogues,ebay satchel,mums shirt,socks and belt

Magic Man-Heart
According to facebook(yes I'm a top journalist and my sources are incredibly reliable), the coca cola advert has aired,and therefore the festive season begins.And so, my outfit is quite befitting according to my friend-I make a good christmas elf in red and green.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

310.Wishes to photograph

smith t-shirt from a random boutique,vintage skirt,random polo,mums cardigan
I know I posted an outfit very similiar to this recently,but I thought it was worthy of a post for the fact that I can incorporate my smiths shirt in a far more imaginative way than just with jeans.I swear sixth form has forced me out of a style rut-it's crazy how creatively free I feel without the confines of a school uniform.I realise I haven't got much evidence of this on my almost dormant blog,...but hopefully I'll get time to create some photographic evidence soon.
and for my own and your amusement,here's my accidental startled cat/posessed expression...