Monday, 13 June 2011

283.Wishes to be a time traveller


So I have very little to contribute to the blogsphere at the moment,with crazy exams and stuff going on. I hope the above picture of me is enough-just because I've being doing a lot of reflecting about this whole passage between childhood/teenage years,and I feel weirdly old looking at that little version of me. Anyways,I don't want to turn this into yet another me trying to be all reflecty and *deep* post. I miss fashion orientated posts on here. I mean particularly outfits-I guess however much I appreciate the fashion world,I don't find myself getting into the real depths of it.I'm more interested in creating outfits,and the way every little aspect of life can give me inspiration.
Both the household cameras have malfuctioned,which makes blogging oh so tricky. So I'll just shut up,and stop this futile effort to post for just now.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

282.Wishes to stay weird

So I watched Amelie once again yesterday,and still managed to gain a new perspective on it.One of the most endearing qualities in the character Amelie is her lacking abillity to deal with social situations,but her obvious kind,do gooder heart. I think I find this a very interesting concept,and find movies that follow those sort of people quite relatable.Maybe I don't go to such extremes as Amelie(I have grown up with friends around me),I still do feel quite shy and unable to engage with those I don't know. I also don't really feel the need for social interactions on a constant basis.

I also happen to have watched Ghost World about 2 weeks ago. I think Enid is quite a contrast to Amelie-she also lacks social skills,but has turned against society/the people around her. She is an "outcast",yet shes bitter and cruel. I wont slash Enid too much-you do see later in the movie that she isn't completley cold and does have some heart. I don't really know the point of this post-I just generally find this a sort of intriguing.

ps I'm no longer in compulsory education!Yes I still have a few exams,and will be going to sixth form in a couple of months,but still I feel freeeeee. I took a bus home from school at lunch yesterday(there was no point in staying for the afternoon in art),and felt a small pang of sentiment over the 5 years I've been at my secondary school.I still remember year 7, how bewildered I felt not knowing a single person,whilst everyone already had there friendship groups.It's weird to think those school years have some what moulded my adolescence.This feeling of sentiment lasted a couple of minutes,and then I just went into "meh" mode,completley unbothered. Nothing is going to change that much for me-same teachers,same friends,same building,more work,more stress. meh.