Saturday, 23 January 2010

72.Wishes that it were funny


It's funny that I seem to post
whenever I really am tired.
It's funny how when I get off the computer
I wont feel tired at all.
It's funny how
distracted I get.
It's funny how I haven't even started
my German homework yet.
It's funny how
I'm losing a friend.
It's even funnier that
I dont even care.
It's funny that I feel like
I care when its just fake.
Its funny how I feel empty
but not hollow about it.
It's funny how unsatisfying
daytime is.
Its funny how the nights
are even less satisfying.
It's funny how tired
I get of time.
Funny how
life can drain us.
It's funny that I have nothing at all to complain about,
in comparison with you and everyone else.
It's funny that
my eyes are sore right now.
It's funny that it's
never raced.
I could say it's funny how it's
barely even fluttered.

it's not funny at all.


  1. the word "funny" is funny in itself. a hint of sarcasm, leaving a bitter taste in one's mouth.

    chin up, child. all things must pass.

    in the meantime, i gave you an award on my blog.

  2. Thats what I wanted to see: Vintage.

    Great blog. Will keep on looking.

    I just started my own:

  3. I know this same really cheesy but what you just wrote wbout being funny is exactly what I'm going through right now losing a friend not even caring.

  4. Nice pictures, thanks for your comment on my blog... sorry it takes me a lot to get back to you ;)


  5. haha cute!!
    love the moving pic heehe


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