Friday, 29 April 2011

271.Wishes to spend more days smiling

Yesterdays purchases:Reconstructed vintage dress and little pink dotty socks from UO,Inscence from a cute oriental shop,Erland and the Carnival CD plus the dude in the shop gave me a free CD both from Jumbo Records(such a groovy shop!),and jeans from Topshop

So Leeds was mega awesome,but unfortunatley I took no pictures.We had such a wonderful time..eating double chocolate cake,shopping,missing trains by 2 minutes,sifting through vintage clothing,talking about random shit,and drinking hazelnut hot chocolates.The day made me so happy(I still think I'm really lucky to have such an amazing friend),the thought of having to go back to school soon is pretty torturing.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

270.Wishes to do something amazing

This dude is aaaamazing.The whole thing is made from toothpicks,and supposedly it took him 35 years to do it.Just thought I'd let you all know.
Also Tegan(of teganontoast) reccomended the magazine oh comely,so I picked it up the other day in town;It really is delightful.Such an interesting magazine...and friendly too.I like friendly stuff. Anyways,I'm off to Leeds with Charlotte tommorow,so maybe then I'll have something more worthwhile to post.Have a great Thursday!
ps anyone tired of all the royal wedding garb infecting your every move? In Tesco's they had T-shirts with the slogan "Marry me instead",bleuggghhh. Don't get why they're even selling that stuff in my city,seen as nobody has officially planned a street party.

Friday, 22 April 2011

269.Wishes to eat strawberries and cream

Topshop glasses,hair clip and dress,H&M cardigan,vintage shoes and belt

In the Sun-She & Him (very befitting of this post,I think)

Channeling all those vintage,retro vibes within me.Some days I just feel the need for red lipstick and being a girl girl instead of a guuuurrrl(the cooler more badass version of me).I think the discovery of the blog Yours Truly through The clothes horses' interview has inspired me.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

268.Wishes to be a fairy

vintage earrings,everything else vintage hand me downs from my mum

What's a girl to do-Bat for Lashes
Todays outfit, plus a recent creativity splurge...I couldn't resist putting up more pictures on my walls.It's not fully finished but is looking groovy.I also have a major obsession with layering at the moment,rubbish timing for the sunny weather.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

267.Wishes to survive her art exam

Hello! Long time,no speak it seems. So a little bumper post,of 4 cool things to make you drool(okay,not literally,but yeah)...

1.My older cousin(who I really admire because she likes The Smiths,and lives in Paris(!!!!),and has a pretty name and is dutch) facebooked me about "The Chameleons" leading me to be hooked to youtube listening to all their music.

2.This girls etsy.She makes these hand sewn and hand printed badges,I particularly like the badge"for being just my type" and "for sticking out like a sore thumb".

3.My brother showed me this video a couple of days ago.I know it's just some cats,and it's probably kind of lame but oh my jeez they make my stomach curdle in cuteness.

4.This girls blog. Just started following her,but she's really interesting.I've sort of got a bit fed up of just outfit blogs.I still love fashionontoast,theclotheshorse,christeric ect...but I like to read stuff by girls my own age,writing about exciting stuff,and who don't seem to take it all too serious;I can relate to them a little more. That must sound terribly dumb,but whatever.

I've got my art exam next week,so have been spending the whole weekend arting it up at home,instead of turning goldeny brown( I kid-I just turn lobster coloured) in the unexpected burst of sunshine that has hit rainy dull hull. Keep telling myself one week till easter.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

266.Wishes she wasn't so awake

Toothpaste Kisses-The Macabees

Heart of Glass-Blondie

What's a girl to do?-Bat for Lashes

Glitter in Their Eyes-Patti Smith

School Days-The Runaways

.....because I feel bad for neglecting my blog at the moment.Cool posts back on hopefully by Easter.Art Exam next week,crazy stuff.