Thursday, 29 July 2010

167.Wishes to rest

I'm going there tommorrow :D

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

166.Wishes for a growth spurt

Google,weheartit,various other sources

Just some general appreciation of the beauty that is Frida,who is amongst my favourite models alongside Freja and Bambi.I love her style,and I'm completley envious of her height-I'm still patiently waiting for my growth spurt,but I'm doubting my chances at ever reaching a decent size.I'll be a munchkin for the rest of my days. Plus why do all the models have such interesting names!? I'm sure going to name my kids(if I have any!) exoticly,in hope that it will bring them success.

Monday, 26 July 2010

165.Wishes to go some place magical

I want to go there right now.It looks even more magical than disneyland.

Sweet Dispostion-The Temper Trap


You make my dreams come true-Hall & Oates

Us-Regina Spektor

All I can listen to right now is the (500)Days of Summer soundtrack.It's amazing.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

164.Wishes for red balloons

wearing- vintage shoes,vintage levi's,mum's velvet cardigan,mums vintage bracelet,H&M tank top

Took a walk today into the city centre which was pretty fun. Took a detour on the way home,and got the chance to encounter a gypsy horse.Took some photos.
I'm loving freedom,and positivity and just not caring. Summer is not just a season for me,its a holiday and it just means happiness. It just feel so great.

99 red balloons-Nena
I love this song,and so does my mum.It makes me think of hippies and protests and bright red balloons flying high.It's also a summer song.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

163.Wishes for mountains

As usual browsing on,and finding myself obsessing over everything. I really love both of these pairs of shoes,even though they're not really anything special. It's just they both conjure up images. I find I get particularly drawn to items that give off some sort of vibe/story and make me imagine.Like with the first pair I think of witches,clunkyness,mountains,scotland,thick snoods,winter freshness ect. I have a bit of a thing for clunky almost ugly shoes.
With the second pair I just think of old school days,and how amazing they would look with my satchel and coat and a nice school skirt. Haha,I must sound lame!

162.Wishes for a large collection of magazines

Vogue Italy 2004

Totally an incentive to buy magazines in languages I can't read.
I'll admit that UK Vogue covers often look more like your average womens magazine(elle,marie claire), rather than a fashion focused magazine (in comparisan to french/italian vogue).

Saturday, 17 July 2010

161.Wishes my head would shut up

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The pretty pictures have been filling up my computer for a while.I'm always saving junk,just so that I can look at it later and feel inspired or just sort of happy. Warning...this is the part were I start to rant.

I've found myself feeling kind of crap recently.I think some things that are affecting me,plus just generally the whole picture is causing it. I'm getting mixed up a lot,and I keep questioning. I find myself getting very angry about petty people(who really aren't actually petty,they're just people who could be really nice),general nasty-ness,prejudice,and a lot of other shit. It's not healthy for me really,as it's the kind of stuff that can really get me down. It can start with just something stupid,and it builds into this whole "I hate everything" sort of feeling. I really don't hate though. I actually like life,and people....but at times I struggle with the way people can act.

I don't understand why people are mean. Why do people inflict pain on others,purposley for their own gain? Can't people just be nice? A couple of my friends like to mimick me by exclaiming "that so mean!"....but I've decided I don't care. I don't give a fuck if it makes me wet,or soft or stupid. I just see that being plain nasty shouldn't be acceptable.That judging a person (or a whole group) on nationality,skin colour,looks, sexuality,race ect is wrong. Lots of people seem to agree with this in the very extremes, but then still go along and judge.Not in extreme-ist ways,but its still the same principal! Okay so they wont go and punch a gay person purely for being gay,but they don't mind sniggering about it,and disliking the person. Does that make sense,or am I speaking complete rubbish?

I'm not perfect at all,but I'm working on it. I'm finding the lines,and trying not to cross them anymore. I'm trying not to be hypocritical. And I'm trying to keep a more open mind.

Oh,I don't know.I think I just should stop thinking all together.