Monday, 26 September 2011

305.Wishes for some place to go

Vintage skirt,shoes,earrings,Topshop coat and socks,ebay satchel,handmade tooth necklace

No Particular Place to Go-Chuck Berry

I must admit going for that total vintage look isn't really my cup of tea(I guess I like to try and mix vintage into outfits in a more refreshing way, rather than replicate past styles),but with this skirt I kind of feel restrained into some odd 60's schoolgirl box and I can't quite seem to push my way out.Anyone got any idea's how I could modernize this skirt?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

304.Wishes to burn lipsy

I thought I'd share with you all a few photos from a recent Leeds trip and in doing so, would also promote the awesomeness of the affordable vintage fair. If like myself, you're a bit of a vintage maverick and live in England, I suggest you check the vintage fair site on a regular basis to see if theres a fair near you anytime soon. I always like to join a shopping trip to Leeds or York with a visit to one,and as you can see in the photos, me and my friends(not that they had much say in this decision-I can be quite forceful,and they spent the majority of the time laughing at the "ugly,granny" clothing) did exactly that.

In that last photo you can see some of my recent purchases(I sometimes feel a little yucky posting "look at what I bought" photos, but oh well)- an urban outfitters jumper, a beautifully made rust coloured skirt and watch from the vintage fair, and a Smiths(I KNOW, OH MY GAWD I'M SO HIPSTER) T-shirt bought in a little boutique in my city. That little boutique has shut down recently along with 3 other vintage shops , whilst big companys like lispy(I know style is subjective and blah blah,but this shop is MY ENEMY) have moved into town, which I find pretty despairing.
Wishes, Sofie

Saturday, 10 September 2011

303.Wishes to say bye to summer blues

Goodbye Sun-I Monster
So as promised(albeit two weeks late),here are a few of my London photos.They didn't turn out too great,unlike my experience there which was crazily awesome.I don't think I've had so many new experiences in two days before,except maybe when I popped out the womb.Talking of new experiences, going to sixth form is reaaaaly weird,and even though I'm accustomed with the surroundings and the majority of the people,things feel very different. Has anyone got a case of the summer blues? I think I do...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

302.Wishes for green velvet boots

Been coveting these shoes at for a little while now,and today trying them on in Leeds,I found they trumped my expectations. Alas,a cruel thing called money led to dissapointment...oh dear,wasn't I supposed to be getting a job this year to prevent this feeling? I have lot's to say still,and more to blog with talk of Leeds,movies,the vlog,outfits galore-yet you'll have to be patient my prettys(yes, I hold sole ownership over my followers) as school is starting dreadfully soon. This is meant to be THE TOUGHEST YEAR YET blah blah blah,so work will consume me I imagine...but I definatley don't want my blog to wilt and die. Will write again soon.