Monday, 4 January 2010

55.Wishes for a trench coat

So for my birthday I was given an issue of Marie Claire and an issue of Vogue from one of my friends.Though Marie Claire isn't particularly a fashion magazine,there were a couple of editorials that caught my eye.In particular was this image....

(Its not a great scan)

It got me thinking about trench coats all over again.I've wanted one for years now,but never actually bought myself one.I'd love a big heavy duty winter one,but also a light weight one with torteshell buttons.So maybe this year I'll actually try to get one for spring/summer.I also love the nude flowy dress.....another thing I wouldn't mind owning!Well I've got some spare cash and vouchers due to christmas,so atleast money isn't the major problem.

School tommorow seems like the most depressing thing(which is really naff).I seriously do not want to go back,I really hate the feeling I get before school starts!

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