Friday, 29 January 2010

75.Wishes for fur and gold

My amazing friend Charlotte is generally my source for music,shes always finding new things to listen to and generally I'll fall in love with it to.A while back she introduced me to bat for lashes,which include the amazingly cool looking Natasha Khan......

I almost felt compelled to write "syke" (in a strange tribute to Ant and Decs "lets get ready to rumble") under those images. Intrigued by her,check this......

Fucking awesome stuff!

Another thing I've got a little obsessed with is Amelie;I go through phases constantly.I get reminded about it and feel the need to watch the movie,watch an interview,read imbd ect. This time I've started listening to the soundtrack and well its full of wonderful songs......

I think the first two songs are very similiar,but I felt the need to post them both.Beautiful music,which makes me feel all nostalgic and happy.Tommorow I hope to go out walking,maybe a bit of shopping too,and I'll try take some photos.So I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good day.


  1. such a beautiful movie!!
    thanks for posting :)

  2. I love Amelie..and the soundtrack!

  3. such cool pictures in your post. awesome.

  4. this is a cool post!
    i half wya did the tag lol but i still wanted to do it and put your link,
    i couldnt think 8 answers for all of them lol

  5. Amelie is my favourite movie. i love the soundtrack too, it's so great to listen to while cooking or reading :) xx

  6. Amelie is my fave :)
    Lovely blog, missy!


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