Monday, 22 February 2010

91.Wishes to see you soon

I'm going to take a break from blogging for a while.I'm not entirely sure why,and I feel sad writing this but also relieved.I don't the moment, I'm just abit filled up.My head and thoughts,schoolwork ect.I have a lot to focus on.Then again they are probably just excuses,and I don't really have a good reason.I just feel like I need to organise things,clear up some stuff (and I know I sound like a teenage dramatic?!).I'm not going to apologise,but I just hope you guys keep your faith in me as I promise I will be back.This could only last a week.....but I'm thinking it might be longer than that.We'll have to see......" just don't go dying on me!" (okay,that was so lame)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

90.Wishes for you to check wirrow out

I found out about wirrow on myspace a while back,and I just love his drawings.They are so magical and often quite amusing too.Just recently I discovered his tiny stories on youtube.....

Pretty wonderful youtube gems, right!?
Interested in checking his stuff.....(it's worth it!)

In other news I cannot believe how fast this week has rushed by,and I feel like I'm clinging to the last hours of half term.However,I'll be happy to see my friends again! Also this term is only 5 weeks long,with one week of work experience in the middle of it and then I'll have another 2 week holiday!I worked this out when looking at my calendar,and it put a huge smile on my face.

Friday, 19 February 2010

89.Wishes for warmer weather

It's little things like these that make me scream and yearn for summer.The chance to wear light floaty clothing,to skip around barefoot,and to feel the sun beaming on my back.

Not only am I wishing for warmer weather,I also wish to be around my friends again.It's crazy how you start to miss people so quickly,and realise that they are everthing that keeps you going and happy.I'm feeling a little starved at the moment. That said,today has been average enough plus I did textiles homework which I felt quite pleased with.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

88.Wishes for some mulled wine tea

I'm feeling kind of fresh at the moment,after a morning of feeling shattered after London.It wasn't exactly how I expected-
1.I did not go to Topshop
2.I only purchased 2 items (brownie and blouse)
3.I took barely any photos (non worth posting)
4.I actually didn't really do that much shopping
5.It rained the whole day, which was a downer

However,that said it was still pretty awesome.We visited the Victoria and Albert Musuem,and saw the fashion section.It was really nice to see fashion through the ages,plus I loved the section on future fashions(with pieces made by fashion students).There was a lot of inspiring and interesting stuff to be seen,and the building itself was incredibly impressive.

Afterwards we strolled around till we found the famous department store "Harrods",which again was a impressive/imposing building.There was tons to feast our eyes on,and a whole lot of crazy luxury.Quite a mind blow. I bought a tasty walnut and chocolate brownie,and got chocolate all over my face eating it.

We also walked round Covent Garden,heading into shops and markets,getting lost but still having fun.I bought this top in H & M....

It really is a pretty blouse and was only £10 (plus I used my giftcard,so I didn't pay a thing).I love the colour and the ruffles,I am so pleased with it.

One thing in particular that stood out from my visit,is how fast pace London is (it's true Londoners seem to walk at 100 mile an hour!).I loved the hustle and bustle,plus jumping onto the tube and arriving at your destination in minutes.I know a lot of people often seem to say that they want to escape london,but I couldn't help revel in the speedy atmosphere.However,I can understand those who say " we want to live a simple life in the country,away from the city", I mean I'm sure the London enviroment probably does get tiresome. I just happened to yearn for it!

Finally,an item that is a bit off topic-the trousers I mentioned in my last post,bought in topshop on Monday for only £5.Here are the photos....

I'm having a bit of a dilema over these trousers.I think they are just too baggy,anybody got an honest opinion to give? It would be appreciated.I'm so used to slimmer fit trousers,and these just make me feel a little strange.I am considering altering them,but then I don't really know how(plus I don't have a machine,so it would be a lot of hand stitching).So if you've got some tips/tutorials on how to make them a slimmer fit on the leg,that would be helpful too. All in all its not too much of a major deal seen as they didn't cost me much.
Also just a quick thank you for the recent influx in really nice comments!

Monday, 15 February 2010

87.Wishes not to miss the train

Hey guys,this is just a short post.Today I went to see "Valentines Day",which was better than I expected (I was anticipating a whole lot of cheasy-ness).It was actually an okay enough movie,plus it was so nice to see a friend that I've really missed. I also bought some trousers at Topshop(using giftcard) in the sale items,for only £5. Considering they were reduced from £35,I thought it was a steel.I'll try showcase them sometime soon.So tommorow I'm going to be up super early for London, Eeeeeeeeeee,whoopity whoop(non intellectual excitement!)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

86.Wishes everyone a happy valentines day

Last night I played scrabble with my mum,which then compelled me to make this in the morning.It's my first stop motion movie,and I can't help feeling a little proud.The music is M79-Vampire Weekend, if your interested.Its funny how over an hours work,plus 360 approx photos only make such a short film!
Ps.Only after making this did I realise the special relevance(it only meant something to me) of the words "do you know that I love you", considering its Valentines day! Haha ^^

Saturday, 13 February 2010

85.Wishes to watch more colourful movies

So below is todays outfit.....

2 Vintage shirts -Mum,white tights- H & M,Boots-Charity Store

Another fairly simplistic outfit,but a fun one to lounge around in.I was going to brave the outdoors for this shoot,but the coldness seemed far too terrifying.I had to wait instead for the fleeting moments in the day when the sun shone through my window,as you can see I wasn't particularly succesful.It just got bleaker and duller throughout the day (funny,how bloggers often seem to write about the weather?!).

I've been munching oreos and peanut butter today,plus arranging plans with my friend (not plural,as I have only have one friend this half term....the rest are skiing!) .Also been reading.....
According to the blurb.....
"The iconic British style magazine "i-D" once again brings you a guide to the world's most important designers. From the biggest players in the international fashion industry including Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, and Marc Jacobs, to emerging names such as Kim Jones and Tess Giberson, to streetwear and sportswear brands: A Bathing Ape, Nike, Diesel and Silas, "Fashion Now II" is a comprehensive survey of today's best designers. Expanded from the previous edition, "Fashion Now II" is illustrated with the very best fashion photography and styling, extracted from shoots in the archives of the magazine that celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Also included are an introduction by "i-D" founder and editor-in-chief Terry Jones, and in-depth essays on the issues that are shaping fashion today: the fashion show system, the precarious position of the celebrity designer, and the rise of menswear. "Fashion Now II" is an encyclopedia of fashion personalities, a portfolio of amazing imagery, but most of all, a snapshot of the fast-changing contemporary fashion world, as seen through the lens of one of the best-loved magazines published today. Features: more than 160 designer listings from A-Z, including photos of recent work, detailed biographies, and fascinating 'Q&A' interviews in the format for which "i-D" is famous; essays on current issues in the fashion industry; detailed insider guide section lists where to stay, shop, and what to see in global fashion capitals such as New York, London, Milan, Paris, Sao Paolo, and Moscow."

I haven't read much but it already seems pretty interesting,only downside is that it was published in 2005,so its a little out of date. Finally, a highlight of the day has been.....

......watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.It was a really beautiful and enjoyable movie that I would reccomend to anyone!The music was esspecially wonderful,and it was all so bright,interesting and colourful.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

84.Wishes the day hadn't got worse

Cliche,but I felt the need to say something.
And I'm sure many have put it in better words.
I am seriously so shocked and genuinley sad.
Fashion has lost a great genius.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

83.Wishes to fit these all into half term

So half term is looming and most of my closest friends(except one) are leaving me for holiday-ing in snowy places,so my social life will be pretty much down the drain for a whole week.Instead I plan to keep myself busy.....

Eating biscuits but maybe not gravy.

Persuading my dad to let me use his camera,which has way more functions for me to mess around with,hopefully bettering (I know its not a word) my camera skills.

The one friend I have left will be sick of me after the week,as she'll be my only source of a social life.Planning a ton of sleepovers,preferably in tents like these in rooms like these.

Reading fiction, plus tutorials on all sorts and random wikipedias of people(because people are interesting!)

Go to London! Hopefully it wont snow,because that would cause major train delays.

Practise pencil drawing.Actually thats a lie,I think I would rather just spend time doing art in general,not neccessarily in pencil.

Biking and walking=fresh air=clear thoughts=happiness

Piles of Homework.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

82.Wishes to broaden her collection of tights

Coloured tights I was given for christmas.Should be popping up more in my outfits to brighten them up.However,I think my cream/white tights are still top of my favourite tights.
Today I talked to my art teacher about french movies which was nice.It's nice to talk to an older person,without being frowned on,demanded or treated as inferior.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

81.Wishes to see these movies

5 Movies I fully cannot wait to see.My half term is planned already.

80.Wishes for more ginger beer


I love candles

Essay stuff

Blue biro,my prefered medium for writing and often drawing

Listening to this plus tons of amazing stuff keeps me lively

I was a little obsessed with the light on my speakers

Essay stuff

Life saver tipex

Essay-when held up to the light,you can see the tons of tipex marks

Scruffy Plaits

Sun I woke up to last weekend

Jewelry Fanfair-topshop ring,vintage(mums) hippie ring,random braclets I beaded

The best stuff

Tacky tasty goodness

Just a little summary of the day.I was so happy to get my essay finished,the geek in me hopes for an A,but I have my doubts. Just pleased to get it over and done with,only a week left of school.Had a pretty emotional Friday evening and Saturday but things seem to have turned out alright for now.