Thursday, 21 January 2010

70.Wishes for some typewriter jewelry

A quick post to say that I just saw a ring on fade to black that reminded me of this jewelry I saw months back.It's pretty cute,and you can find it all over Etsy-wouldn't mind owning a ring with the letters "shift key" or even the alice in wonderland braclets.It's all very pretty,and they've been made from actual vintage typewriter keys.Anyone got £15 going spare and wants to buy the the key pendant(top image) ?



  1. Oh my they are actually beautiful ha. I love the mad hatter necklace. If I had £15 spare I would get that ha.
    And thanks for my comment :) I really appreciate it. I love to hear other people's opinions :) And I totally agree with you that there are great artists today and Florence is one of my favourite! But the classics are always gonna win over my heart ;D xxxx

  2. wow these are beautiful. I want some now too :)
    i love typewriters and typewriter jewelry is even better. Thanks for the comment on Sticky Note. It was very sweet of you.
    keep posting

  3. OOH! these are fabulous! They have some typewrite stuff like this in a little shop near my house (that I may try to sell some water colors in)
    And Matilda was one of my favorite books when I was a second grader!

  4. i love them :)
    i would wear them all, and especiallythe alice and the wonderland one !

  5. love it, i work with typewriter keys in that others appreciate

  6. i think that those earrings are great but i'd love a ring too.. that would be pretty cool, might have to look into that.


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