Wednesday, 20 January 2010

69.Wishes she had more things other than homework to fill her evenings

Over upload of photos,I'm not very selective- DIY tee

So this is what I do on a boring evening! I had some ideas that I wanted to do with charlotte,this being one of them but I couldn't wait and just ended up going alone at it. I wont say the product is anything like what I had in mind,as per usual but oh well.......and yes that is a set of paperchain girls on my head-made from a magazine. The light is terrible in my room...its so warm,yellowy,and unclear.The idea was for a more faded bright white look-did think about editing,but haven't really got the time.

Also curled my hair,in a messy rough way-I so wish I had natural curls,instead of lanky straight hair(sounds cliche? straight haired people want curls,curly haired people want straight).My hair checklist includes:Nice colour-check(I love my hair colour,and proud to say it),long-checkish(fairly long,but needs to be longer),hair accessories-will buy some soon,natural curls-its never going to happen.



  1. ahh amazing hair color :0
    wish i had your hair!
    and that shirt- AMAZING

  2. Hi Sofie! Those curls suit you! Loving your Tee!


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