Monday, 18 January 2010

67.Wishes for London

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Todays been abit stressful(History Exam),and I'm awaiting a confrontment with someone.....but I'm not sure if it will happen.So I'm feeling the fear and the shame.But to hell with it,heres the outift I promised..........

Coffee coloured vintage shirt from mum,dads vintage belt,cream tights H & M,Vintage Brogues Etsy,Mums old hippie braclets plus my random collection of ribbons

Sorry about the photos,it was late and I couldn't find a decent spot in the house to take them in privacy.Kind of why I opted for the bathroom at first,then moved into the lobby instead for hopefully better lighting.Also tried the kitchen,and my mums room but whithout prevail.Kind of fed up with the dark nights now,and esspecailly the dark mornings when I'm waking up.

In other news,me and my mum are going to London in the February half term.We've booked the tickets,and I fully cannot wait.It's going to be a pretty awesome day,and a new experience (have never been shopping in London,only sightseeing once).Its nice to have something to look forward to again!

Finally,tripod! Exciting stuff;My mum has a old camera tripod,which is too cool and hopefully I will be able to use it sometime instead of balancing my camera in trees or on fences.Plus someone is screecing "go die!" outside,which is stupidly amusing( I sound cruel,right?why should that amuse me) neighborhood is crazy. Textiles homework now,which I'm looking forward to! (not even being sarcastic,I'm geeky that way)



  1. the plaid and headband are so cute! love it :)

  2. Hiya!
    These are such amazing shots!
    Cute outfit too, the shirt is really something!
    Panda xx

  3. lookin' good, girl.

  4. super cute outfit! love the plaid shirt and bracelets especially! i wish i had your hair colour (i have the fair skin, but not a pretty hair colour.) my mum's childhood friend & her family live in london... we were there many years ago and had so much fun shopping and walking around. i would LOVE to live in england :) i'm jealous of your trip! ♥

  5. Great look..I really like the belt. Pretty pics!

  6. i love your plaid shirt :) your outfit is amazing hun!

  7. wow you should be a model. your tall [unlike me] and thin!


  8. Fabulous look.
    i love your shirt.

  9. i love your flannel shirt! it's so perfectly oversized and awesome.



  10. you remind me abit on lara stone, you look great! spirit up!


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