Wednesday, 27 January 2010

75.Wishes for spring to hurry up

Last weekend I went browsing in Topshop with some friends,and found myself in heaven once again.What to say-SPRING SPRING SPRING! Please arrive soon,winters getting a little bleak now.It seemed my friends disagreed,complaining that the stock was boring,and that Topshop had totally changed ......supposdley according to them it's all too "Sofie". You probably get the impression that some of my friends hate my style ,and you would be right!

So after the whole Topshop excitement,I decided to check out the website and found too many good items,below theres a very selective selection-
This time I think I might actually buy something,as somehow I seem to have money plus vouchers! However,I think I might wait till London to decide(3 weeks approx,excited much!)


Theres about 70+ items and a couple of thousands ££££ in that selection.

Topshop, please start making ugly clothes just so I don't have to wollow in my own dissapointment over not being to afford your whole store!

P.S Theres 28 of you now,you wonderful wonderful followers!


  1. their collections just keep getting better and better ^^

    I've already wrote down all the clothes I want waaaaaa I agree but then what can we all drool at? we need Topshop to keep pretty so when we get money we can spend ^^

  2. Hello,

    Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

    Topshop is a real bugger, you go there to spend £20 and easily end up with a £100 bill.

    See you soon.

  3. wohoooo so many wishes haha :D love it! i would like to own all this stuff in my closet! topshop is simply one of my most favorite stores!

  4. Topshop is my fave shop too!

    PS Join my giveaway contest?!

  5. I can see a lot of desirable items there! TopShop is one of the only high street places I shop in, even though I can only really afford it in a sale! I really like the whole pastels theme going on.
    I would definitel recommend 'Obsessions' by Marina and the diamonds. Her album is coming out on the first of feb too!


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