Thursday, 5 November 2015

377. Wishes to write about outfit photographs

I’ve been doing a lot more writing recently, for places other than this blog. Yet I am still the person who spontaneously pulls out half their wardrobe in an attempt to create a new outfit. Inspired by an image, a new item (bought or stolen from other wardrobes), a newly sewn / customised / repaired item, I will place items on my bed, try combinations on, and get experimental with hair and make-up. Afterwards, I will take it all off, place the outfit in my mental closet of possible outfits and get into bed. Often I’ll wear the outfit the next day and sometimes I’ll photograph it as well.

Yet, I am still trying to reconcile this love of outfit creation with the act of taking outfit photos. Do I really want or need to share this aspect of my life with you, and is this even the best medium for this? I will probably write about this soon. In the meantime, whilst I remain unsure, you can enjoy these photos of the most beautiful skirt ever.

Wishes for November, Sofie.