Friday, 8 January 2010

59.Wishes for a starry night

Ella Mays Photostream(Love this girls photos,see more here),Topshop,Google,Setareh Mohtarez (see full shoot here),Zara

I know I'm late with this,and I'm pretty sure you guys might have already heard of it.For months,I've been seeing it around all over the place,and kinda thought it deserved its own post.What I'm talking about is stars/constellations/galaxies/nebulas and general spacey things turning up on clothing.....and I love it.It kinda reminds me of this one night in summer(in which me,Maria,and Charlotte slept in my tent), at 3 o' clock in the morning I went outside and stared at the nights sky exclaiming"Wow! Guys,you have to see this!".The stars where so bright that night(living in the city,I'm not used to seeing any stars) we trotted up to the train station,in our PJ's and ran around like crazy.It was a great night,but the stars just made it AWESOME.

I'm considering bagging myself that Zara tee(the last photo),esspecially seen as its reduced from £17 to a mere £10.However,I'm thinking I wont have much luck with it as though the Zara website is very pretty/cool(and slow I might add),they dont actually have a online store.Aaaack aaack.There is a Zara close by in my city,but they never seem to stock things I like,or any new items. So I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Finally,I'm suprisingly tired.....the winter snow seems to be making me feel old.Tonight I got home after a 3 hour journey from school,which was abit of a nightmare adventure.Guess I cant say I would have been done anything great with my Friday nighT anyways,other than wasting it on the computer.Sorry,getting all pessimistic again.Now for hot chocolate,doodling and some shut eye.

Sofie ^^

P.S-Also finally figured out how to make my images super large,whithout stretching/blurring them(struggling too? click here,it's very helpful).I think these are abit too big,but I'll soon fix it so there not sooo large.


  1. Those first few photos are very 'Secret Garden'-esque in my opinion, lovely.. And that is a very interesting print- incredibly starry!
    Thanks for the thougtful comment.

  2. i love those pictures with the black dress! it reminds me of alice in wonderland lost in the magical maze in the queen of heart's relm. =)

  3. Hi Sofie-Marie! What a wonderful sweet comment you gave me ! It makes my day, thnx :) Your blog has got a place between my favourites you know.. Also this time the photos and ideas are very inspiring , I really like the colours of the first one.

    have a nice weekend!

  4. great outfit & photos!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure

  5. Beautiful photos..I love the cosmic clothes.

  6. (wow loads of comments!)
    I know in Japan that's the whole new 'thing' it's so pretty and elegant ^^ like dark magic!

    keep posting....
    yes it was amazing running in our pj's.


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