Thursday, 14 January 2010

64.Wishes for a pair of docs (in floral please!)

Its funny,I have a list of blog posts I could possibly write if I run out of ideas written in my diary.I've had this idea for a while,and then it seems to pop up all over the web in places and I'm like.....hmmm,I want to seem abit more original.But a goes!

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Uggs and Jeggings-just to set the story straight I pretty much hate them,and am suprised that the craze still goes on. I will admit,I like to be original and unique but I wont go out of my way to dress differently.It just so happens that I generally like different things,but if theres a craze I agree with, I wont refuse to wear it just for the fact that its populuar. However,I wouldn't ever wear something soley on the fact that "everyone else wears them". I've always joked with my friends that uggs and jeggings are crimes against fashion,but really I should be more accepting of someones style,even if I disagree with it does not make it bad or worse then my own style. Urgghhh....the pictures make me cringe! :P


The other week I saw a girl of about 11,sporting black docs with yellow laces(plus some crazy ensemble of clothing that I cant remember due to staring at the docs) and I just thought wow,your a cool kid! Dr Martens are peeping up again all over,and there making me yearn for some.

Stupid story-In about yr 8(the years of not really being confident with fashion) my mum offered to buy me some docs,we went out and found some which I loved instantly.We bought them for a school trip(hiking and whatnot),and also to be worn at school.However,after contemplating for weeks on end,and deliberating what my peers my think....I decided to take them back.Can't help being a little regrettful,right!?

The floral pair seem to be catching my eye in a totally irrational way, or maybe just buying some white ones and customising them myself.Now that would be cool! Anyways,as always my blog is just wishful there ain't no time soon when I'll be able to afford them.

I've got abit of a love/hate opinion of Lady Gaga.I mean the music is pretty awesome (esspecially the above acoustic versions),she definatley does have skill in that area.However,sometimes I think she seems incredibly supercial or fake,but really I couldn't care much.As long as she keeps performing like this,then I'm happy.I know some of my friends just think she's weird-I think they just dislike anything that seems abit out of the box.

Woah its been abit of a triplewhammy Uggs/Doc Martens/Lady GaGa post! Also wanted to say thanks for all the well wishing for my mums operation.Your all too kind.Oh and final note-thank you for the influx in comments,I really do appreciatte it.However,I feel I'm spending more time thanking commenters than actually blogging.So from now on,I can't say I'll be answering all my comments-I'll try,but its nothing personal if you don't get a comment back,its just I'm a little busy.Thanks again!^^



  1. Lady first I was not a fan, but who really can resist her power? She just goes there and it is very entertaining to watch.
    Also: Uggs, possibly mankind's worst fashion decision ever. I don't know why they can't die--there are cute and comfortable options out there!

  2. hee hee! awesome post! you have great stuff to say! i'm diggin floral docs too, but the price is a no-go for me.

    you enjoy yours and i'll live vicariously through you!

  3. YES i hate uggs too!
    i like the floral docs they dont look good on me but some people wear them well!

  4. i also don't like uggs... yuck. but those floral docs are fabbity fab :) and i have liked lady gaga since day one, craziness and all. she's having fun! x

  5. OMG you had some doc martins and you took em back????
    poor you.
    Yer I like that version of 'pokerface' very class.
    Keep blogging XX......X

  6. love the Doc!!!
    my blog


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