Monday, 31 January 2011

251.Wishes for groovy socks

So I saw these insane socks on the vintage stall I bought my jacket from,and really wanted to splash out on these too.They were a hefty £4(I really don't ever spend money on socks,I mean,they are just socks...),and I couldn't really afford them. They sort of reminded me of Tavi for some reason,and also the Richar Niccoll for Fred Perry collection below...

I've seen some job lots of these socks on ebay though for about £5 for 3 pairs,so maybe there is some hope in sight? Who am I kidding,I need a job first,as I've run out of money completley.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

250.Wishes for a new camera

vintage jacket,jumper and belt,h&m jeans

Just showcasing the jacket I bought last weekend at a new vintage stall.It's too big,but I don't care. The carrot cake was basically yesterdays only achievement.Spent a very long time baking it,and didn't get much else done.

Friday, 28 January 2011

249.Wishes to let the sun shine

Close to Me-The Cure

Dont you Forget About Me-Simple Minds

Check out my earrings!(bad quality photos) Bought these babies last weekend from a little vintage shop that I'd never visited before. They are really groovy,and they make me feel kind of hippie.They have tacky little hologram suns in them,that change different shades in the sun;Most definatley my best spent £1 ever.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

248.Wishes to be the catcher in the rye

Chasing Rainbows-Shed Seven

So I finished The Catcher in the Rye this morning on the bus.It was pretty interesting,even if it kind of felt plotless.It's just sort of about a depressed teenage kid in New York,and the shittyness of being a teenager.Not exactly the most entertaining book,but I can definatley appreciate it,and see the beauty in it.I struggled to fully like Holden(the main character) at the beggining of the book,but by the end you get to like him,and the fact that he wants to catch the children from falling into adulthood. It was a little depressy though...I feel I need to stop reading depressing kind of books. Before this,I read The Virgin Suicides,which isn't really about rainbows,and fairydust and happiness. Still plodding through Jude the Obscure which doesn't seem to be going towards rainbows and fairydust.It's a tale of a man who can't find happiness in love,and who cannot ever fufill his dreams.
Anyways,I'm oh so very tired as usual,so goodnight blogging world.

Monday, 24 January 2011

247.Wishes to have spare money

So I watched pretty woman a couple of weeks ago for possibly the tenth time,and actually realised that I like vivians(julia roberts) prostitute outfit.Trashy-ness in a good way. Something about the dress kind of clicked in my head and reminded me of the one Erin Wasson wore to that Chanel reopening party thingy.....

Really rather cool stuff I think.My head keeps wirring with sewing projects that I don't have the skill or time to ever do.damn.Maybe if I had $200+ to spend,I could get the similiar one from american gold below...
American gold have some pretty amazing stuff at the moment,stirring me to go out and get a job. I saw a girl that I new at primary school working in Topshop the other day.She's the same age as me.....envied her position alot.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

246.Wishes to get lucky

Had a pretty cool weekend. Charlotte came over after school on friday and we watched both ocean waves and kick ass(I'd alreasy seen kick ass,but it was just as good second time round).Then on saturday we sort of did a mini tour of the unique/vintage/generally interesting shops in hull.Bought myself a magazine,vintage earrings,vintage jacket and a CD(will try put up photos some time). Spent today doing german all day,I have a huge workload at the moment,with assessments to finish galore.
sorry for the lame post.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

245.Wishes for focus

Rag and Bone
Ooooh,how I do love a sturdy looking shoe.Particularly if it will enlargen me to normal height(instead of being the tiny munchkin I am).Sipping hot chocolate,and taking regular internet browsing breaks eases the pain of science revision on bitesize.

Monday, 17 January 2011

244.Wishes she wasn't so indecisive

I know,my camera needs to burn in hell for playing up like this.

Total Life Forever-Foals
Wooooh, so I made a skirt at the weekend.It's kind of ugly actually.I went to boyes to buy some fabric, couldn't find what I wanted, but got all amazed by a load of other fabric-head spinning at all the sewing ideas. I ended up sort of impulse buying this fabric, because my own indecisiveness was stressing me out and I was having a sort of brainfreeze moment. This was super easy to make (minus the difficulty of working a beautiful,but sort of temperemental machine) so I'm going to experiment with some other fabrics soon-ish. Also been wearing my hair like this a fair amount recently,makes me feel very brother said it makes me look like I'm out of lord of the rings? Interesting interpretations from lucas' wise mind.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

243.Wishes to go sew

Let's Dance to Joy Division-The Wombats

So due to the crappiness of my camera these outfit photos sort of failed(but I have to admit I kind of like the faded/blurred effect in some of these photos). I'm wearing the usual blue shirt and jeans combination (that I seem to always wear),but with my vintage red belt,and new red lipstick(christmas gift from a friend) added to make me feel a little cheerier.I've also figured I like my black winter coat from 2 years ago again-it makes me feel parisian and sophisticated for some perculiar reason. I had a good bike ride this morning;biking around my city always makes me feel really free.

Friday, 14 January 2011

242.Wishes for a cat

Kay, so I was a little bored and I figured no blog is complete without a cat appreciation post.I never realised how many cat related pictures I have on my tumblr,this is only a select few. I am cat obsessed,even though my parents refuse to allow me to have one.I have to survive on stroking stray cats on my way home. I guess you could say I'm an ailurophile. My friend has a joint obsession with me,discovered when she told me she wanted a cat so she could sit and talk to it.I always think it's amusing that one day I might end up like the crazy cat lady off simpsons...

Going to wake up early tommorow,and bike up to boyes to get some bits for the sewing/diy projects that have been filling up my head. I've wrote it down now,so I'm commited to do it.