Thursday, 31 December 2009

50.Wishes she could thank each of my followers/commenters personally(or maybe not,I'm too shy!)

50 Posts! Yes that is a big deal for me...I really didn't think I would keep this blog going.I feel quite proud really,some sort of strange feeling of achievement.I wont lie-I don't write for you guys;I write when I need a break,I write to relieve ideas,I write when I'm inspired,I write to share exciting things,I write to banish boredem and pain,I write as a distraction,I write for fun,I write to be creative and most of all I write for myself. However,every single comment from you guys makes me smile,every new follower(9 in total,WOW!) gets me excited.So thank you,you do keep me motivated and worthwhile.You all deserve a jolly good pat on the head,or a firm handshake and tons of smiles.:D Your comments are always appreciated and I answer back always,because I really do care about those things. And now with the ridiculous picture......

So the image didn't really turn out right,but the clocks ticking and I promised I would watch a movie with my mum,atleast I finally learnt how to overlay images.Yeh,Im not technocomputersupergeek. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION NO 1-Become a technocomputersupergeek!.......maybe not.


  1. Wow, nine followers, that's really good! I read every time you update. But I think that you probably have a lot of 'lurkers' who don't follow publically. Keep up the blogging, Daisy (Jane Doe.) :D x

  2. Happy new year to you too! :)

  3. hahaha you could not overlay images.......
    good job you can now.......tehe

    groovy pic though ^^
    50 post means.......another 50 to go before you are a hard-core blogger


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