Tuesday, 31 August 2010

181.Wishes to embrace paleness

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Throughout my teenage years I've had insecurities about my pale skin,and have used tinted moisturiser to give me that healthy golden glow in summer. However, everytime I see these huge blown up campaign shots in the topshop stores I feel more okay about my icy skin colour. Now all I need is some deep crimson lipstick,and I'll be grand.
Going to liverpool tommorow,to pick up my dutch half brother. Very excited!
P.S A/W at Topshop has offered many many pieces that I'll never have but will forever want. I think I have a love/hate relationship with the topshop designing team.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

180.Wishes for new music

Currently can't get enough of....

THE LUCKY ONE-au revoir simone

BAD REPUTATION-joan jett and the blackhearts

SALT AIR-chew lips

MY GENERATION-patti smith

NO YOU GIRLS-franz ferdinand

And these songs aren't even on my ipod? It's the worst.I still have shitty kyle minouge on my ipod,but not this.The result-I end up hooked to youtube.

179.Wishes for wisdom

Just some of the stuff from my tumblr

Today has been really great again.I'm trying to not turn this blog into a place to vent my pessimism,so it's good to start with a statement like "today was great".It actually was.I tidied my room to the extreme,it's nearly all sorted. I also laughed a lot at my childhood diarys,and schoolbooks. In one I wrote "This morning I ate two biscuits.I was nortea" (naughty),oh the nostalgia! I guess it made me realise that my worries now are just average for teenagerdom,and in some years time I'll be able to laugh at these years. I'm not going to tell myself to not feel shit or to be cheerful constantly,or to get over myself anymore because really I've got time to be in a rut. And soon enough I'll be out of the rut.And life really is good.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

178.Wishes for butterflies

Photos taken the other day when me and Charlotte checked out this budliea bush that was swarming with butterflies. It was really beautiful;I guess nature always makes my eyes wide,due to the lack of it in the city.I was showered in butterflies(and one very large dragonfly!) and it was wonderful.I particularly liked the one battered looking white butterfly,its damaged wings appeared so frail but dainty.I as also amazed by the glittering purples in the wings of one butterfly.

Visiting friends who live in tiny villages always gives me a bit of culture shock. The social gap always becomes apparent too. Before going to secondary school (my secondary school is surrounded by villages,and I am one of the few "city kids" that attends) I had quite a closed view. Thoughts of posh,stuck up,rich,close minded people always came to mind.

These days I've become far more tollerant I think,and also opened my eyes more. Not everybody in a village is rich.Not all that are rich are snobbish. Not everyone who is well spoken is stuck up. Some people have proven my theory true, but the majority have not and I think it was quite a childish.How I've grown? hahaha!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

177.Wishes for motivation

Ahh,what a lazy blogger I have been? I've had a pretty busy week,I sort of feel overwhelmed. The photos are from my trip to the yorkshire dales over the last weekend,which was everything I could have hoped for.The photo's really deserve to be enlarged,I took some that I was pretty pleased with.

On Monday I went to the beach and got sea clogged hair. but fuck we had fun.
Then last night/today was spent with Charlotte,and again it was amazing.
And now the fact that I'm having all this fun is really make me hate the thought of school and work and the big exam year.
Also I have to get my head down,and get work done so I can enjoy the rest of the holidays in a carefree manner,rather than feeling stressed over homework ect.

I know the blog is turning into a diary at the moment,but I'm just going to let that be.I also realise it's pretty boring to read,but it makes me feel good to report my life somewhere.