Saturday, 22 October 2011

309.Wishes to write

topshop green dress,UO jumper,vintage belt and shoes,ebay satchel,handmade tooth necklace

Sometimes I focus on setting up my camera,and trying to pull decent expressions that I forget that the main ambition of outfit photos is to actually capture all the details of the outfit clearly(a clear example of this above). Unfortunatley I have no interesting anecdotes or topics of dicussion to share,which seems to be a recurring theme at the times the mind can be quite a bland thing.I do admire bloggers that seem to effortlessly write in depth articles to accompany their photos,and would wish to do so myself,as writing was always a slightly overlooked hobby of mine(alongside many of my previous hobbies,that I never seem to have the time to do anymore).sigh.
Wishes Sofie

Monday, 17 October 2011

308.Wishes for an end

YAY-Jean Kilbourne is my new heroine!
If you feel like some enlightenment(or just procrastination), I suggest you watch the speech above.I must admit by posting this, I feel like I may come over "preachy", as I sadly cannot admit that I have done anything by way to help prevent this issue;Don't get me wrong, I realise there is little I can do to prevent bullshit such as this going on.Yet,I don't like to appear the hypocrite,the one who preaches without taking action.Do you get what I'm saying or is this just another incoherent babble? If you did watch it,I'd love to know your opinions.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

307.Wishes to eat brandy snap

Left-purple polo from childhood,vintage skirt and watch,mums hat and checkered top,office shoes,handmade tooth necklace
Right-polo,skirt,and necklace as above,random tights,vintage shoes,handmade badge and earrings,h&m cardigan

The Look-Metronomy

I thought I'd post these two outfits together as a nice comparision of how I styled my purple polo and skirt in two different ways-these are hard times, so we must be thrifty and "recycle" clothing (or we could just do this anyways,because that is a far better philosophy than spend,spend,spend culture!-even though my statement is full of hypocrisy,and now I'm just babbling so I better shut up soon).Which look do you prefer?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

306.Wishes to see kevin

Alas, my title for this post does not refer to some new mysterious boyfriend, but instead the movie "we need to talk about kevin" which I'm seriously looking forward to seeing.I read the book and it really got all my thought juices flowing and my head whirring with questions,so I'm just hoping it will evoke all of that again in the cinema.