Saturday, 2 January 2010

53.Wishes for no school EVER (lame but true)

Cream tights,Etsy Vintage brogues,Mums oversized blue shirt,Dads vintage belt,Topshop Ring,Vintage Earrings from York vintage fair

I know I've done alot of outfit posts recently,but I guess I'm just making up for when I get back to school (will probably only be one or two a week). I had my hair in a plait last night after washing it and miraculously it has made waves.Well,actually its gone flat now...but ah well.These pictures were taken in our small ugly garden,but I guess its better than my bedroom wall again( a nice change of scenery).It has been trying to snow the last couple of days,but not really succeeding,just leaving the ground dusted in a thin layer of frost.This outfit,though pretty,is deffinatley not practical for this weather,after a couple of minutes taking these photos I was frozen.Good job we have central heating!Well now for more homework!


  1. Brr, you look cold in those. And for real, your like 4'9'', my best girl-friend is that height - you're tiny. I'm six foot, and don't trust the hype, tall does not equal = easy and skinny (I'm not fat or anything though), it's just the same. And Cobra Starship are like pop-punk, which isn't usually my thang, but the lead singer is fit!

    (six foot - 182 cms.)

  2. you haircolor looks so perfect with the denim shirt!!!

    love love love
    annabu :)

  3. Wow you look gorgeous, your hair is wonderful and the outfit too! Happy new year btw :)

    xx Birgit

  4. Amazing outfit!! I especially love your shoes! ):

  5. beautiful photos, love your outfit! x

  6. You look so great, I love the combination of the white tights with the oversized shirt!


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