Sunday, 31 October 2010

207.Wishes you a happy halloween

Thought I'd share with you some photos from a gazzilion years ago, of me and my brother carving the pumpkin.I'm the tiny ginger thing grinning wildly.We carve a pumpkin every year.

Today isn't going so well.I blame it on school tommorow,maths homework that I cant figure out and the fact that I don't have my weekly dosage of Ugly Betty(damn you,Channel 4 for not showing it!).It's rather silly,but I'm in one of those stomping around the house moods.Ah well. I had a really fun time at the party last night,but my camer tragically died,so no photos...
Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Saturday, 30 October 2010

206.Wishes for the shivers

So with all the halloween vibes going around, I'd thought I'd showcase these handmade pieces by blackmarketbaby <-----link to the etsy store.The prices are pretty reasonable,I think.

Ahhh, sheer and velvet are still my top fabric choices at the moment.It's a shame they don't sell anything decent at boyes in the haberdashry section, as I could go crazy on my sewing machine making stuff like this.

I'm going to a halloween party,which should be fun.Wont be hardcore partying I expect,but atleast I'll get to dress up and mess around with some friends.

Friday, 29 October 2010

205.Wishes to be anything but ordinary

Anything but Ordinary-Avril Lavigne

So I'd thought I'd let you know about my rather cringeworthy like for Avril. It started in year 6,when I thought I had everything in common with her because of the ginger/brown/mousy hair.The love grew through year 7, the years of skinnies,converses,anything tartan and rucksacks.

Now it faded for almost 2 years,but recently she has grown on me again.It's rather weird...but everytime one of her 92 songs that I have on my ipod plays,I don't seem to skip. And I still know the words to most of them.It's like I really dislike her music,and then somehow like it.Confusing...

Thursday, 28 October 2010

204.Wishes for blue

So 2 weeks ago(?) I posted about chunky heels.And sorry to be all cliche again,and talk about Topshop...but they have brought out these blue babies.damn it. They're kinda tacky but I like them all the more for it. Now all I can think about is the 70's...cue ABBA!

I love ABBA and I love that song.

203.Wishes to swing on the monkey bars

Various photos I've taken in various places(except the last one,which I think Charlotte took).

Do not want half term to end at all,I'm having too much of a good time.I have a terrible notion of clinging to things...I'm not the best at letting go. But atleast I've got four more days to be cheery,and doodle,and be spontaneous,and eat oreos and all the good stuff.

Me and Charlotte made rocky road yesterday...and ended up in one of those uncontrollable fits of laughter for no apparent reason.It was good.The rocky road ended up tasting good too. We also went to the park for an hour,and it was kind of scary for me.I haven't been in the park for a couple of years now,and everything just reminded me of when I was small(I'm still small,I should say younger really).It kind of made me sad that I could reach the monkey bars whithout jumping. Trips down memory lane are very weird.

Monday, 25 October 2010

202.Wishes for more magical weather

Topshop dress and coat,vintage shoes

Recently the visuals for my outfit pictures haven't been the greatest(bedroom wall,back garden ect) , so seen as I have extra time on my hands I thought it would be fun to make a little video to showcase my new dress.It's a simple dress,but I really do love it-I haven't owned a dress in years,not because I dislike them or anything.

I hope you all enjoy it, as it was quite a pain to edit! I also froze whilst filming this.Love the weather was early this morning,and it was sunny but cold.Everything was glistening in dew,and it felt really magical being surrounded by the horses.Perfect wintery weather.

The music is Pas si Simple by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie soundtrack.
Ps....I'd love some feedback! ^.^

Sunday, 24 October 2010

201.Wishes for feathers

Vintage shorts,Topshop top,random jewelrey-Slighty amusing expressions in the photos.

So heres the burgundy top I got in York the other day. It's the largets thing in my wadrobe(size 12,and 4 sizes too big for me), but I love it. It was the smallest size they had left in the sale, and at £8 I couldn't miss out. It has this really great feather/leaf swirly sort of pattern on it that hasn't come up too well in the photos.I also think I'm leaning toward the slighty(very slightly) gothic feel wearing my grandmas rosary(she probably wouldn't approve),and black eyeshadow.

As for today,it's been really great.I haven't done anything particularly exciting,but just waking up and not having school is making me happy.I also drew some cool pictures,got some textiles and german homework done,and watched Ugly Betty(yeah,I love that programme). Also with a lack of hot chocolate in the house,I have figured I like coffee.Mmm,coffee and oreos make me smile.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

200.Wishes for some silk

Okay, so after seeing this streetstyle photo of model Tilda Lindstam on Vanessa Jackman, I've been doing a little stalking of Tilda.I mean that outfit is way too cool,can't get enough-those docs,that mousy hair,the buttoned up shirt. Cue new model crush....

And okay,I realise these other photos aren't on the same level of amazingness,but I can overlook it.Cos the girl is wearing her dads old silk dressing gown in the first picture.Can't blame a girl who can make a dressing gown look brilliant, can we?

199.Wishes to be a fairy

So I took very few photos in York,probably due to me having too much fun and not enough time to stand around. It was a lovely day out...I always love York with my mum.We went to one of our favourite restaurants,and had chicken fajitas.It's such a great place; the candles on the tables,old photos of famous people,fairy lights and dark timber beams make it super cosy on a cold night.

Also purchased two items-a green dress,and a burgundy top,from Topshop(no suprise).I'm wearing the dress now and it makes me feel like some woodland fairy or imp.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

198.Wishes to stay busy

HALF TERM!! I cannot stop smiling.

Things I would like to get done/achieve/do:
-Eat Oreos.
-Draw,paint,write, and doodle in my little red book.
-Sort out my itunes.
-Do all my German,Textiles,Art,English and Maths homework.Hours and hours worth of it to be done.
-Go on a vintage haunt round the charity and vintage shops in my area.
-Tidy out my room once again.I'm not a very tidy person.
-Finish reading Jude the Obscure.
-Figure out my christmas budget-bahah,I'm boring.
-Realise I'm skint and possibly consider trying to get a job.
-Continue to customize my bedroom.
-Buy a wall map.
-Watch horror movies,and dress up creepy for halloween.
-Go to the sunday market and see if I can find any decent bric-a-brac in the jumble sales.
-Feed the horses.
-Go to York tommorow with my mum.
-Do something somewhat social,try not to be a complete loner.
-Do chores to earn some extra money.
-Bike rides!
-Go to the library.
-Persuade my parents to let me have a bonfire in the garden as part of my 16th birthday party.
-Look at possible college courses....bleugh.
-Feed the horses.

Ahhh,what an exciting life I lead....I think that list is rather ambitous though.I can only hope I get the majority of those things done.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

197.Wishes to lay down

Tin Soldier-Small Faces

Not got much to say today other than I love that song.I hope I get a Small Faces CD for Christmas.
Also I hope you all like my rather dashing new header.I got a bit bored last night,so decided to make it...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

196.Wishes to fall from the stars

Simply Red-Stars

Simply Red-Holding Back the Years

Just two random photos, and songs I really can't stop listening to.
Had another good Friday and Saturday....went to Hull fair,and this year I did not puke(I did two years ago on the twister,and realised that I no longer liked spinning things)! Hull fair is basically a huge travelling fair that arrives every year right on my doorstep,and I love it for all its traditions and excitement.Today I went to an ice skating party,so got to meet up with more friends.The rest of the day has been spent scoffing candy floss and doing homework.

I've got 4 days of school(and a history exam that I'm really freaking out about) till half term and it's making me super happy.Just gotta knuckle down for my exam,and then I can have a somewhat chilled half term....even though I've got a german exam to prepare for during half term. Yes,Exams really are a life sucker.

Sorry about the constant personal blog updates about pretty irrelevant things,I hope you don't mind.
see you.

Monday, 11 October 2010

195.Wishes to keep blogging

Another excerpt from my tumblr(a little addicted to tumblr)

So I realised I missed my blog anniversary,which was like over a week ago.So happy birthday blog!Hello followers!Thank you for reading....I'm not the most interesting person,but it's nice to feel someone is listening.I should have done a more inventive celabratory post,sorry.Hope to keep it going for another year.... and hope you'll all still be interested in another year.