Friday, 15 January 2010

65.Wishes she knew who the mysterious girl was

Cannot wait to get my hands on this baby via borrowing it from Charlotte if she buys it,or if I can afford it buying my own copy. Wondering who the photo is of,quite striking and original.Anyone any ideas?

Also visited my mum in hospital,the surgery went well-just thought I'd say for any of you who are interested.Now time for hot chocolate,and a early-ish bedtime.


  1. i always think of the guy i dated while living in london when i think of vampire weekend. he (as well as every one else born in that country) always "weekend" funny to me, with emphasis on the "end" part of the word. when he would talk about the band, he always had a funny lilt that sounded off to me.

    but no, i don't know who the girl is. do let me know when you find out!

  2. It's great that your mum's surgery went well, i bet your relieved!


  3. ah the cd is amazing you'll love it!

    lovelove, M.

  4. i love vampire weekend, great music! happy to hear your mum's surgery went well. x

  5. It's funny, I was just at target and I saw this album and almost impulse-bought it! But about drawing: just take a break. I didn't draw for like a year cuz I would always get frustrated. Sometimes it just helps, I can't explain why. and when you start again, start small. Draw your fingers or a pencil. my mom always says that if you draw, you will get better. (of course it helps my cause that both my parents and artists and they give me tips...:) )

  6. I love vampire weekend, I think they are great and their music always make me happy. Have a nice night.

  7. I bought that album on Monday when it was released, cos' I'm a fangirl. :) Have no clue who the girl is... maybe an old friend or girlfriend? Hopefully they'll spill the beans in an interview somewhere.

  8. The music is just beautiful, even more than their earlier singles ^^ (but they are still amazing too. I recommend "cousins".
    plus it's album art is werid but is glorious if you look at it squinting!
    LOVE your blog.......keep blogging!!!!
    you are famous half famous ^^

  9. I really am in the mood for some hot chocolate. I am intrigued to see who this girl is too!

    check out my blog!


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