Monday, 4 January 2010

56.Wishes she didn't resemble a cub scout

cub jumper,vintage bag,H & M ribbed black skirt,H & M patent tassle shoes,vintage black and gold earring bought in Leeds

It is true that sometimes when wearing this jumper I get mistaken for a cub scout (esspecially when worn with my scarf and brooch-looks like a neckerchief),I guess it can't be helped considering it is a cub scout jumper.It was my brothers,then passed onto me when I joined the scouts,and now worn in my everday outfits. However,I do really like the shade of green,and the little golden fleur de lise emblem.Also I'm showing off this vintage bag I got for Christmas,which will come in handy on days when I dont need my massive satchel bag.

I can't help begin to feel a little vain,constantly taking photos of myself for my blog.Yes I enjoy it,does this make a person vain? What do you guys think? Do you have to take a certain quantity of photos of yourself to be vain,or is it how you pose that makes you vain? I never thought of myself being a vain person,but maybe I am. I dont think I'm ugly(though I dont really believe anyone is),quite the contray I think I'm decent enough.I'm not the kind of girl who is constantly pointing out her flaws,or saying that another is much prettier than I am to get attention.I'm not very self concious,I'm happy to have my photo taken.....however,I wouldn't boast about my appearance. So I'm posing the subject to any readers? What makes a person vain?
Hey,maybe if I get a ton of answers,I could do a post on them.....or maybe not,we'll just see.

Now for more history revison,as I've got a test tommorow...eeeek.Wish me luck!


  1. that bag is cute ^^
    what is wrong with scouts?
    they are infamous for being........dirty...

    anyway, i like this outfit why don't you take some pics withs amazing scenery too or PHOTO Manipulation!

  2. Sorry for my late response! Been so busy with school these days, got an upcoming testweek:( But thank you so much for following my blog, you're amazing :) (love the ring/ jumper btw) Oh now I see you've got a test week too, I wish u luck :)

    How cool is it that you are half dutch, can you speak it too? or not?

    Love Birgit

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  4. oh your jumper is so cute, actually I love your whole outfit, I Kknow what you mean about the vain thing, I always hate all the pictures of myself that I take, I'll really like your blog, it's awesome, I'm followering now, oh and good luck for your test tomorrow xxx


Thank you! My eyes are wide open.
I'll try to reply to you ^.^