Monday, 30 November 2009

24.Wishes she would motivate herself

I'm fed up complaining,and hoping things will work out.I'm fed of being lazy,never motivating myself.....never doing anything with myself.I want to start taking my chances,taking all options,saying yes to the world and grasping it all.This means to be creative,not to waste time,not distract myself(but rather motivate myself),earn money,achieve things,and look to the future.All things I find difficult to do.I've got to work it out now....start to change,motivate and dream.

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Must remember to believe in "La vie est Belle" everyday.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

23.Wishes Topshop would deliver these to my door as freebies

Just posted a minute ago...but oh well.

There so awesome and so expensive.Isnt that so mean?

Oh these babys remind me strangely of the movie Amelie.There just clunky in a wrong way,somehow making them right.

Topshop=Me repeatdley falling in Love

22.Wishes she felt this way

Gold is Cold
Diamonds are Dead
A Limousine is a Car
Dont Pretend
Feel whats Real
And thats It

(yes....I took this from the j'adore Dior advert,starring Charlize Theron)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

21.Wishes she wasnt so easily distracted

So today has been a long but very satisfying day of shop,shop,shopping with mum.I know it sounds like I'm always shopping...but really I dont.

So I got a cream scarf(qs) and cream gloves(H&M) to match.There not the dream gloves I was after,with the gorgeuos brown fur but there a nice simple substitute,that should hopefully keep me cosy throught the winter.

A set of pretty pajamas(ethel austin),that were cheap and cheerful( I happen to be wearing them right this moment,and there very soft)

This pair of adorable toiletry bags,so french/vintage and from TKmaxx.

Below are a couple of outfits,with a new burgundy jumper from Zara.Its not what I had imagined for my new jumper,but it will keep me warm and happy.Let me know in a comment which outfit you think works best!



Also forgot to post my all time favourite christmas song,in post 19.....Enjoy!


20.Wishes she lived in a lookbook fantasyland

Check out her blog:

Spending too much time browsing through lookbook at the moment,when really should be getting dressed.

Friday, 27 November 2009

19.Wishes she had worked out how to post youtube videos earlier

With it being less than a month to christmas,I cant help but start to feel festive.Roll on the christmas songs,baby! So below I thought I would share some of my favourites(I finally worked out how to post youtube videos which really excites me).

Oh Judy,how beautiful you are? I just love the emotion in this clip.

Who can disagree with the 80's? Seriously amazing music.

Its such a shame that I cant find the video of them both singing this together,because its just so lovely.I guess I'll have to do with this slideshow of images instead.

This lady has amazing eyes,and a crazy cool accent.

The original is way better than the most recent one,its just got that 80's flare to it.

Okay,I know its another slideshow but this is my favourite version of the song(Its always reminds me of Home Alone)

One word....classic.

Okay I think I've bored you all with my obsession with youtube,and Christmas songs.Also hope all you people in America are enjoying thanksgiving!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

18.Wishes she was a little more inspired

I know inspiration is meant to be everywhere we look,but I have no ideas what to post about at the moment.
Maybe I need to look harder,
maybe I'm not really seeing,
maybe I'm just blind and its all really in front of me.

Any questions to be answered , post ideas or anything ideas in particuluar you want me to talk about are welcome!? I know not many people even read this,so I'm not really expecting any answers.Sorry I'm being pessimistic again.

Monday, 23 November 2009

17.Wishes she had stayed in bed this morning

So...hi guys!?How was your weekend?Mine was good,went christmas shopping! I just love it,when its getting dark and cold,when the christmas lights are on......and I feel all independent buying my presents,and drinking hot chocolate at caffe nero.Ahhhh....bliss!

I also love wrapping presents,and this year I was quite proud of them.As you can see I wrapped them in brown paper,with red shiny curling ribbon.The best part are the tags,that though simple,took me forever to make....its all kind of a twist on old fashioned brown paper,mixed with shiny ribbons ect.

And I'll leave you with the above images,which are just me generally messing around with my non-existent phtography skills,and bad camera.Enjoy!

Friday, 20 November 2009

16.Wishes she had time for altering clothes

Okay so I know I already wrote a post this evening,but I just decided to do abit of dress up and show you all.....
So I put the decent images together in 1 to show you my ideas

Far left- This is my old scout shirt.I ripped all the badges of it,which made me feel abit sentimental...reminded me of some of the good times I had over 6 years.I cinched it in with the belt,and think this will make a nice simplistic outfit with my navy jeans,and shoes when they arrive! I do like manly dressing it seems,specially large shirts.

Top Middle-This is a velvet tank style top that I found in my mums wardrobe,and with some alterations it could be amazing.Specially if I made it into a crop top,unfortunatley wont be great for the weather at the moment.Will have to ask my mum if I can have it,seen as she never wears it.

Bottom Middle-This is an old vintage dress of my mums,that she used to wear when she was young.She said she would pass it on to me,however it doesnt fit me so will also need altering.I esspecially love the intricate pattern,and the cute shiny buttons.The images really dont do it any justice!

Far right- Once again an item of my mums,that she also said she would give to me.Tried it on,and it took a while but I finally think I've warmed to it.It also could do with some altering on the sleeves to make them tight at the wrist.She said she got it from a designer boutique in Amesterdam,so its quite special.

Anyways,hope I havent bored you all.

15.Wishes days would take hours,and hours would only take minutes

So finally found some decent shoes...

Not too bad price,vintage leather and hopefully the right size.Unfortunatley,there coming all the way from the states so its another thing I have to wait for.
Things to look forward to-
Ugly Betty(I look forward to it every week!)
Seeing new moon (yes,I have been sucked into the twilight saga)
Christmas shopping
Shoes arriving
Languages trip
My birthday
Christmas Holidays (no school)

I am growing seriously impatient,I need something to keep me going.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

14.Wishes people on TV laughed more

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I promise you,I will start to do more fashion posts,instead of irrelvant random musings,but seriously laughing is the most amazing thing.People think I'm serious.I disagree entirely. I love to laugh and it seems that I've been doing so much more of it these days.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

13.Wishes he would learn

Fucks sake.
How can some one with such intellect,with such a brain be so stupid?When will he learn,when will he get a grip.Doesnt he understand the pain he constantly inflicts? The stupid pain,the screaming,the broken promises,and my glassy eyes.So much shit.So much annoyance and anger.
And that horrible temper,burning flames in his body.His illnesses upset me.His life fills me with despair.I dont want this feeling.Me and everyone else fed up with his shit.I hate it all,I cant take it.
Sorry I know you guys wont get this,but I needed to channel my anger into something which wouldnt hurt others around me.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

12.Wishes this post wasn't so crammed

Okay heres an attempt to mash a couple of things together....

Above is the outfit I wore last weekend.I love the little scarf,with its cute blue pattern.Its also the perfect size to wear as a headscarf.I had my hair in plaits to create waves,but I got fed up with them and took them out to early,which kind of ruined the whole point.

On Thursday I went late night shopping with some friends,and got a little obsessed with the hat in the above pictures.It was from topshop,and was an unfortunate £22.Money really is a cruel thing.I saw alot of other possible christmas presents,but I wont go into them all.
On Saturday,I went shopping with mum in Harrogate,which is another beautiful town.We were searching for my dream brogues,but unfortunatley the only ones we saw were £150.I also came down with flu,so it was all abit of a bummer really.

Today I decided to take a couple of photos of our typewriter.It really is a amazing looking machine,I love all the different parts to it.It does have some sentimental values too,as it was my grandads and my mum says she used to watch him typing in his office,whilst she would help him with packing envelopes.I really love learning about my parents history,and there childhhoods.

Finally,this is what I wore today.I've never worn this outfit.The velvet cardigan is my mums,so its a little baggy....thats why I cinched it in with the belt.Its quite a nice outfit,just a little too black for me.Anyways hope you all had nice weekends.