Thursday, 31 December 2009

50.Wishes she could thank each of my followers/commenters personally(or maybe not,I'm too shy!)

50 Posts! Yes that is a big deal for me...I really didn't think I would keep this blog going.I feel quite proud really,some sort of strange feeling of achievement.I wont lie-I don't write for you guys;I write when I need a break,I write to relieve ideas,I write when I'm inspired,I write to share exciting things,I write to banish boredem and pain,I write as a distraction,I write for fun,I write to be creative and most of all I write for myself. However,every single comment from you guys makes me smile,every new follower(9 in total,WOW!) gets me excited.So thank you,you do keep me motivated and worthwhile.You all deserve a jolly good pat on the head,or a firm handshake and tons of smiles.:D Your comments are always appreciated and I answer back always,because I really do care about those things. And now with the ridiculous picture......

So the image didn't really turn out right,but the clocks ticking and I promised I would watch a movie with my mum,atleast I finally learnt how to overlay images.Yeh,Im not technocomputersupergeek. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION NO 1-Become a technocomputersupergeek!.......maybe not.

49.Wishes I was fluent in German

Arrrrrrghhh,German homework is driving me nuts! So fucking difficult,anyone want to help?! Seriously though,I used to be good at languages,whats gone wrong....?

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

48.Wishes that the camera hadn't died

So I was just in the middle of taking pictures for an outfit post when the camera battery died!(and I had so many better ideas!)So unfortunatley the photos are few and not great.....

I quite like manly dressing;In the above photo I am wearing:- mums vintage coffee coloured check shirt,H & M navy jeans,dads vintage belt,mums hippie braclets(sorry no photos of them) and vintage "man" shoes from Etsy.I need to get outside for taking photos more,but its always so difficult finding places to prop my camera.This leads to me precauroiusly balancing it in trees and getting frustrated! I would like to not have just my bedroom,or other various areas of my house not to always be the background for my photos!
Today I sat and did art homework,then watched Mary Poppins( a childhood favourite),later I will be reading.So all together a relaxing,productive day...not looking forward to German Homework tommorow though!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

47.Wishes her posts wern't so irrational

Random musing....

I thought this was pretty epic.

46.Wishes school wouldn't aproach so quickly

So it feels like I haven't posted in ages,when its only been 3/4 days! I haven't got any excuses for my absence,other than being lazy,sleeping in and generally relaxing(no family get togethers or anything to keep me busy);guess thats what holidays are for!Though I did go into town with Charlotte....we were trying to hit the after christmas sales with our gift vouchers,but unfortunatley there wasn't many bargains to be found.I do have many funny anecdotes from the day but there the types of stories that would only be funny for the individuals involved.Lets just say we discovered a new place to get lost in,encountered some pigeons,found a living statue and learnt how to crack the code lock on a briefcase.I did buy a couple of things though......

This ring was reduced from £6 to £3 in Topshop.I'm not a ring person,but I thought this one was kind of cool.....and obviously brings out my nutty side(as you can see in the photos!)

I already had two of the books in the series,but I bought the third one(pink-Cathy's Ring).I know the covers look a little naff,but inside the books are filled with awesome doodles,and I find them a very easy,enjoyable and witty read.So maybe you should check them out,I reccomend the series!Maybe this will give you abit of a taste for what the books are like(its not the best trailer,I don't think it does the books much justice)......

And finally the other day I made this cover for my art folder...which didn't really turn out how I imagined,but I still like it.

Well that was quite a random bumper post with nothing fashion-ey in it.Sorry guys!
S x

Friday, 25 December 2009

45.Wishes smiles to you all

Quick post just to say MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS,hope your all having a good time.I sure am!Christmas Wishes to all my readers x

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

44.Wishes she had something to write about

So I think I'm having abit of a writers block,and have no idea what to write about.Instead check out the videos!

Just two song that I've been in love with for a while."Starman" by David Bowie is one of my faves of his songs,and I found out about "Close to you" from a car advert!

I don't think I'm into a particular genre of music,but I generally stay away from most R n B.I also really like finding out about different artists(charlottes always got new music for me to check out) or looking into music from the past.My friends think I'm just abit odd,and obsessively vintage......because I'm only into "classic" films,and "classic" music that nobody knows.However,thats not always true....I like vintage fashion,movies,music but I also like alot of newer stuff.Its just more fun to explore,and by looking into the past I can explore.

I thought I was having a writers block,but it seems I have written a fair amount!However,to anyone reading/following my blog I pose the question "what should I write about?Anything in particular you want to know or any suggestions for blog posts?" Just leave me a comment(and if I don't get any I'm sure I will be able to come up with some new ideas!)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

43.Wishes for too much

I'm so fucking fed up trying to be something I can't be.All I want to be is that party girl,the one who drinks and smokes,with arty tattos,braids and braclets, who eats sherbet fountains and pizza,whos in control of the room, and sings no end.Get rid of the nerdy imagery and be wild,with no stupid shit to stop me.Be depressed,and rock chick and bad ass and whatever other way to explain it.It's not possible though,for me to be "cool".I really shouldn't care about it....but somehow I still do.I should just be relaxed in what I am,not long to be something else.Maybe I can rock someway,but not by being someone who's not me.Stop trying to be that silly rockstar idol....thats my newest goal.
(sorry about the rant guys!)

42.Wishes she didn't smell so much of permanent marker

Bored today,and wanted to pass the time so decided to finish the DIY tee I started making a while back.My first idea for a design was it would have the words "Sofie Love Oreos" in the "I love NY" t-shirts style,but thought that might be abit cliche.The inspiration for the final design came from the below necklace(which I saw months back)....

I think the result came out quite well actually,I'm pretty pleased with myself....only downside is the design was done in permanent marker instead of a fabric pen,so now I think I might get toxinated by the stench of the markers (also wont be able to wash the tee,as it will make the design run-I'm gonna need a whole load of deodorant!) Also went abit more daring with the lip colour today,added some old fashioned hollywood glamour with a bright crimson. The photos are below...

The last photo is a close up of the badges and brooches I am wearing.The batman one is a particular favourite,as I was just recently given it as a christmas present from my friend Charlotte.Wow,I'm blogging about a batman badge.She found two of them in an attic,so now we each have one and look oh so retro!Just want to say a quick thank you to her for the badge,and for being the only personal friend who follows and supports this blog!

Monday, 21 December 2009

41.Wishes this post was more interesting

Just a short,and not particularly interesting post about how on the left hand side I now have a link for anyone who wants to follow me via bloglovin,and also a link to translate my blog to any readers overseas! I don't know how good the translation is,so you be the judge and let me know! Unfortunatley it doesnt translate to many languages either.

40.Wishes for year long festivities

The lovely christmas decorations in my home,which my mum is amazing at creating.Every year she comes up with new displays and it takes her a couple of afternoons to complete it all! We always use fresh plant cuttings which make the house smell so festive.So basically a tribute to my mums awesome decoration skills.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

39.Wishes snow never melted

So yesterday was great in york,but I haven't got anything interesting to say about it! And I didn't take a camera,so no photos!.........However,I'll make up for it with the ones below:

Woah uploaded one too many photos!32!! I'm not very selective!

It fucking snowed! Seriously big thing for it to snow before christmas(Will this years christmas be a white one!?)The snow brings out the 5 year old in me,so today I trecked up to the park and had some fun sliding around.Tumbled over a fair amount of times,and froze my fingers off but it was all good fun.The photos above were sort of meant to be like an oufit post,but I was too cold to take of my coat and show the layers below.Wore my "man" shoes with the skirt today,figuring out if they work together.I really love the skirt and big shoes idea,but wasn't sure if it would work with my pencil skirt.Hmmmm,who cares really when its so snowy outside.

So today has been brillant.And tommorow will be,and the next day,and the one after that......I'm foresseing the future,I am going to make those days brilliant.