Tuesday, 5 January 2010

57.Wishes for even more snow


So more snow has hit England,and the school still refuses to close.Isn't half irratating,especially when you live further out from school! I'm sorry about ranting about the snow,because really I love it.I love the whiteness of everthing,how everything looks dusty,tasting it on my tongue,throwing snowballs,feeling breezy but cosy at once,gliding along,looking up watching it plummet down into you eyes,running around like a 5 year old and catching scornful glances because of it.
So maybe just maybe the snow will get heavier,and maybe just maybe school will shut.

Being back at school now,I will have to force myself not to post but instead do homework.So posting should become a little less frequent.



  1. I stumbled upon your blog & really like! I love snow! Unfortunately, I moved away from my home state (Wisconsin) & now live in a southern state & it doesn't snow :( But it's supposed to on Thursday! I love your photos! x

  2. Such beautiful photos! I love the snow.

  3. Thanks for your comments! :) I can't believe your school hasn't shut! Oh well, after-school snowman building! xo

  4. Insanely pretty images! I like all the ones with a girl in them. They're dreamy and ethereal and you can almost imagine yourself in her shoes!

  5. love all of these pics.
    All of them represent winter itself !!
    great blog dear ;))


  6. these photos are absolutely stunning.
    it makes me want more snow outside right now! lovely blog as well.


  7. your pictures make me HAPPY that i live in CANADA!
    lol even though i've been dreading the snow lately; this made me to a double take. love your blog

  8. Swoon, don't you wish you could step into this photographs?


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