Thursday, 30 December 2010

235.Wishes for freshness

Watched 10 things I hate about you once again last night.Whilst watching the scene when they throw the pamphlets for the party down the stairs,the above song plays...and I was like,oooh this is groovy,I have to get this. Then today I just had my ipod on shuffle,and realised I already had the song,just never listened to it.

I've just been for a walk,and I did quite a bit of thinking.The fresh air felt amazing. Everything looked so wonderful.I climbed through the gap in the fence,on to the back field and saw the horses.The sky was all grey,and hazy.The mud squelched beneath my feet,and everything sort of looked dead.The brambles where sodden from the snow,and all green and brown. The horses were beautiful as usual.

I figured I've got into a bad habit of sort using this blog as a a way to vent bad feelings,and feel sorry for myself. I've kept thinking what a shit year this has been...but really it hasn't. I sort of want to kind of shed this year,and be excited for the next. So yeah,saying hello to 2011 in fresh spirits.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

234.Wishes to not tidy my room

I am super super tired still. I'm in a bleugh mood,caused by tiredness,lack of bathing and a spotty face. I know I don't sound very refreshed,but my two days away were really wonderful. It's just odd for me to be busy at christmastime...usually this holiday consists of waiting for christmas,christmas day,then the rest of the holiday I spend being lazy staring at my new stuff in general glee.
Today I've layed around alot,and tried to force myself to tidy my room.I've also messed around with my new art stuff.Pens,brushes,watercolours,inks....quite a lot of fun.

Tommorow we've got guests over for 2 days. So I don't expect I'll get the chance to do a new years eve post. I've been doing a fair amount of reflecting,and have already come up with resolutions for the next year-
1.Get over a particular person,who has sort of dominated alot of life for a long time now.I don't know how this is going to work,but I know it has to happen.
2.Get a job.
3.Continue to grow my hair untill summer.After summer,be brave and do something shocking with it.Get a change.
4.Try to believe in the saying "la vie est belle" that is on the poster on my wall. Also don't feel sorry for myself.

I guess those are the main things other than try to figure out something about my future,and try not to mess up my grades.Sorry for all the image-less posts at the moment....."bites lip,and ponders whether to do anything about it".hum.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

233.Wishes to fix her camera

One thing I particularly like about the Christmas holidays is that I get chance to read a lot more. I've always been a "bookworm" of sorts,constantly visiting the library when I was younger. Unfortunatley,I don't get as much time or don't always put enough effort into reading like I used to. I would finish books in a couple of days,but now that is incredibly rare. At Christmas,I get more reading material and time, which is a wonderful combination. I'm currently reading Jude the Obscure,The Catcher in the Rye and The Virgin Suicides...all which I'm enjoying imensely. To kill a mockingbird and Jane Eyre are my next books to eat through.

The final book on the right is Postsecret,given to me by Charlotte as a christmas present. It is a collection of postcards that hundreds of individuals sent to this one guy in America.Each postcard holds a secret,often presented creatively. It was this random project this guy started,but it became a much bigger thing,and only a select few of the postcards have been compiled into the book. The secrets are funny,interesting and alot of them are quite touching or sad.I've already read them all,but will constantly look back through this really beautiful book. Plus,I think the project is still running,so I may send my own postcard,with a secret I want to share.

I'm going on a short trip with the family for two days tommorow,and hope to take some photos. Unfortunatley,my camera is having a malfunction(you can see the dodgy lines on the photo above),which is kind of driving me crazy....

232.Wishes for more Edwards in the world

I watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time last night,and thought it was a really magical movie. It was terribly touching,and you spend the whole movie hoping for the best for Edward,sort of knowing deep down that things will turn out badly. The ending was pretty tragic. It is such a perculiar and curious fairytale film,but still rooted in telling a very truthful story about someone who can never fit in with social norms.

I also loved the interesting visuals;the perfect colourful american suburb in contrast to the dark mysterious mansion that is Edward's home. I also found the people of the neighbourhood very interesting characters to watch.I guess they sort of resembled the disgusting ways humans can react.Hum,anyways...all I can say is watch it.

Friday, 24 December 2010

231.Wishes for peace

I was going to turn this into more of a decent post, but lack of charged camera batteries,and general lazyness has ruined all hope. So all I really want to say is I hope anyone who reads,comments or follows my little blog has a lovely day tommorow,whether they are celebrating christmas or not. Yeah,cheesy..but true.
ps wow,what a year it's been?

Thursday, 23 December 2010

230.Wishes to open my eyes

Large amounts of coffee and hot chocolate,reading in bed,last minute christmas shopping and the above song have somehow brightened my day just a little. Got to shift this heavyhearted mood before christmas.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

229.Wishes to do something

I don't really vent much of my feelings into this blog,generally my diary is the place where I write about that sort of stuff.I already wrote in my diary but it doesn't feel enough.I don't know what to do.I don't know what to do at all.I just lay down,clutching my pillow,listening to music that all feels too relevant.I cant do anything. Why does it have to be this hard? I can't do anything,except think and think and think some more.and I can't even cry. sorry for being emotional. I just wanted to talk to someone I guess.

Monday, 20 December 2010

228.Wishes for no more waiting

terrible scan
Just a general musing from my little red book, that feels particularly relevant at the moment. I never post drawings,doodles,collages ect that I've done on here.I generally feel embarrassed about my crappy art skills,but if you are interested I do put some stuff up on my DA account<------link!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

227.Wishes not to wake up early tommorow

So I had an above amazing time with my friends over friday night and saturday. I might post some photos later in the week,as at the moment I'm so tired that I could fall asleep at the keyboard and dont fancy selecting decent ones. Today I haven't done much.I put tons of new music on my ipod,and then shit myself over the fact that I only have about 1.5gb left. Ugh. Plus school is open for the first 2 days of this week.ugh. I think lack of sleep/headache is making me grumpy,so I'll stop moaning and say goodnight.

Friday, 17 December 2010

226.Wishes for excitement

Thank you for the happy birthday messages,I had a really wonderful day.Turning 16 felt a little surreal to be honest. I guess in some ways you wake up thinking,wow I'm 16,everything has changed. And then you realise it really hasn't,and that it's just a number. But that aside,my friends and family made it feel pretty special.Tonight I'm having a small gathering,and tommorow we're all going shopping. Yes,I actually planned something this year,as it was one of my new years resolutions. I planned it quite a while back,and wrote this little list of ways to entertain my friends on the evening...

It's part serious,part humourous and quite childish. But I'll take some inspiration from it,and try to complete some of them. Off to get ready now(which for some reason feels terribly exciting).

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

225.Wishes to dance

It's my birthday tommorow,and I'm beyond the state of excitement.It's nuts.I haven't been this hyped for something in what feels like forever. I don't know what I'm expecting...I mean it's just a birthday. Maybe it's the fact that I turn 16? Who knows?

Saturday, 11 December 2010

224.Wishes for a good day

Yup,that's my morning face before the mascara and blusher.

This is a man's world-James Brown

A variety of words have been used to describe my style by my friends-vintage,ugly,obscure,old,weird,granny,geeky and odd. I think manish needs adding to the list.

Monday, 6 December 2010

223.Wishes for purple

Okay,so I was planning on scanning this interesting article from summer i-D about how diversity should be important in the fashion world,but the scanner is being irratating,and you'd probably not be able to read the tiny text anyways. Shame though, because there were a lot of good points to it.

I have a very huge hatred of the way society seems so prentensious, and vain. I know,coming from someone who's interested in fashion may seem hypocritical. I'm not really sure about of lot of things, and question my ideas/beliefs constantly,so if I sound naive,it is probabaly because I am.

But at the moment,how I see it,is that people are becoming too obsessed with looks and I think this is very shallow. I think it's a shame how people are so easily(and seriously I mean,really easily) able to judge one another on the clothing/make up/hair/whatever choices they make before personality. I also think the media has a huge impact on making people believe a sqewed image of beauty. These womens magazines like OK,or Now that label people fat or ugly or badly dressed . And many other magazines are culprits for it too.Why does this even matter? It disgusts me.Anywho,I'm not ranting,I just think it's an important topic.

On a sort of similiar note,I went christmas shopping with a friend last weekend,and spotted these purple flares in the topshop sale-
So the photo doesn't do them justice,but they were only £5, fit perfectly round the waist,were an amazing shade of purple,and just needed to be taken up a couple of inches on the leg. I kind of wanted to buy them, but I was with one of my less accepting friends and she looked really scared. I almost felt like I couldn't admit to liking them. And for some reason I knew I wouldn't be daring enough to wear was a weird sort of moment,and I disliked it.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

222.Wishes for many things

From top left to bottom right-Alice + Olivia leather skirt,asos dress,Catarzi bowler,Free People jumper,Catarzi trilby,Topshop hotpants/skirt,Wildfox tee, American Gold jacket

Just an imaginary wishlist of some of the material items I have been coveting(particularly in love with the tee,both skirts and the trilby).I really should get off the computer now...

Friday, 3 December 2010

221.Wishes for 3 day weekends

Mums shirt and velvet cardigan,H&M shorts,Vintage belt,bracelets from various places

Friday I'm in love-The Cure

It would be good if we could just have all Fridays off,and have 3 day weekends.

I like this outfit alot.I think it has something to do with the little pearly buttons on the shirt ,and this cardigan which I live in at the moment.It's pretty cool how many different combinations I have been making with the clothes I own.

Today has been amazingly un productive,but I dont care too much.I watched home alone,and felt so god damn christmassy.I am all together confused with what day it is,and have to keep reminding myself that it is not the christmas holidays. It's weird having 3 days off school.Weird but good.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

220.Wishes for no school tommorow

Today was amazing because-
It was one of my close friends birthday,and I have a huge love for birthdays.
I got to spend it at her house,with a small gathering of other amazing friends.

I was fed smartie cake.Not as cool as this,but still delicious.
The snow is refusing to budge,and we spent quite a lot of time in it.School was shut.
I am very happy right now. I love wonderful days like these.I love not being at school.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

219.Wishes for paisley


Something about this paisley dress and the idea of wearing it with my black velvet cardigan, really makes me want to shell out £45.Shame I am completley skint. Off to eat pizza now,food of the gods.