Sunday, 31 January 2010

77.Wishes for some old gold

Isn't this jewelry amazing? Found via google (doing boredem searching) then later realised that The Clothes Horse has been sporting one of the awesome rings from this place. Take a better look at old gold it's well worth it,even if the prices are generally $50 a piece (sigh). There's clothing too but I can't say it particularly interested me,was a bit of a let down after the hype over the jewelry.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

76.Wishes to wake up to the beaming sun tommorow

In my opinion I live in a fairly ugly city;however in walking distance there is an area I really love.It's a couple of streets("the avenues"),filled with trees,wide pavements,stone carved fountains and old houses each with there own individual quirky bits of architecture. After walking through "the avenues" you get to a larger avenue with tons of cafes , a beautiful victorian park,plus some interesting shops (one vintage shop,two pretty gift shops,a chocolatier,a bakery,and some Indian and continental stores). On route you can also take a shortcut through the graveyard,which is a bit of a morbid place for a young girl to walk through in her freetime but still enjoyable!

So today when I woke up, the sun was shining in that wonderful winter sun way,there was frost on the ground......I had to get some fresh air,and I knew exactly where I was going to walk.Heres some photos(click to see larger):

Tree sculpture

Listening to music

Old houses,didn't take many photos of them

Vegetables outside the Indian food store(which is like an Aladdins cave)

Cobbled street! Looks really English(?) To me it somehow makes me think of 60's England.

The two best photos of the day(I feel shamefully proud)

This alley came in handy as a private place to take photos,though it was bitterly cold.

Photo's of the overgrown cemetry


Spinning around is fun

Necklace made from old keys and ribbon

Shoes that I constantly seem to take photos of

The second graveyard

Plus a couple of photos from when I got home:

Hairclip,scrapbook images, and rubber all exchanged (for earrings I was given for my birthday and disliked) at Bogoh boutique,which is a beautiful shop.

Black Nail Polish purchased from the pharmacy,for my soon to be non-chewed nails.

Clementines! I just can't get enough of them,I've been eating 3/4 of them a day.

So plus some tidying and homework,that's a general summary of my day.It's been a good one,hoping the sun stays for tommorow as it keeps me feeling positive.What did you do with your Saturday?

Friday, 29 January 2010

75.Wishes for fur and gold

My amazing friend Charlotte is generally my source for music,shes always finding new things to listen to and generally I'll fall in love with it to.A while back she introduced me to bat for lashes,which include the amazingly cool looking Natasha Khan......

I almost felt compelled to write "syke" (in a strange tribute to Ant and Decs "lets get ready to rumble") under those images. Intrigued by her,check this......

Fucking awesome stuff!

Another thing I've got a little obsessed with is Amelie;I go through phases constantly.I get reminded about it and feel the need to watch the movie,watch an interview,read imbd ect. This time I've started listening to the soundtrack and well its full of wonderful songs......

I think the first two songs are very similiar,but I felt the need to post them both.Beautiful music,which makes me feel all nostalgic and happy.Tommorow I hope to go out walking,maybe a bit of shopping too,and I'll try take some photos.So I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good day.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

75.Wishes for spring to hurry up

Last weekend I went browsing in Topshop with some friends,and found myself in heaven once again.What to say-SPRING SPRING SPRING! Please arrive soon,winters getting a little bleak now.It seemed my friends disagreed,complaining that the stock was boring,and that Topshop had totally changed ......supposdley according to them it's all too "Sofie". You probably get the impression that some of my friends hate my style ,and you would be right!

So after the whole Topshop excitement,I decided to check out the website and found too many good items,below theres a very selective selection-
This time I think I might actually buy something,as somehow I seem to have money plus vouchers! However,I think I might wait till London to decide(3 weeks approx,excited much!)


Theres about 70+ items and a couple of thousands ££££ in that selection.

Topshop, please start making ugly clothes just so I don't have to wollow in my own dissapointment over not being to afford your whole store!

P.S Theres 28 of you now,you wonderful wonderful followers!

Monday, 25 January 2010

74.Wishes this hadn't taken quite so long

So Kerry of Namby Pamby Dribble tagged me,and I think you should check her blog out!THANK YOU! So its a doubly whammy of awards,tagage thingy majigs! Enjoy...will be back to normal posts tommorow.

8 TV shows I watch
1.Ugly Betty (not showing at the moment though)
3.Mock the Week
5.Period/Costume Dramas
6.Some random history programmes
7.Stand up comedy (Live at the Apollo ect)
8.Would I lie to you? (not showing either,arghh)

8 places I like to eat at
1.Caffe Nero (well drink hot chocolate)
2.At home,with my mums great home cooking
3.Izzys Pizza
4.A Good Chippy
5.Plunkets (in York)
6.The random indian restarant on the Isle of Man which I can't rememeber the name of
7.Greggs (haha,I like the sandwiches!)
8.In the park-picnic

8 Things I look forward to
2.Outings with friends
4.Mock the Week
5.Msn conversations
6.Conversations in general,with the people who talk the best
7.Going home after school

8 Things I did Yesterday
2.Got banned from a shopping center
3.Argued with friends
4.Saw a friend I hadn't seen in a long while
5.Went into Topshop
6.Drank hot chocolate at Caffe Nero
7.Dissapointed about the chippy being closed
8.Dissapionted over not seeing Avatar

8 Things I love about winter
4.Pink faces
5.Closed up shoes and tights
6.Duffle coats
7.Hot chocolate and water bottles
8.Candles and cosyness

8 Things on my Wishlist
1.Happiness and enjoyment in life
2.Racing hearts
3.Too many items of clothing
4.To do well at school
5.To have good opportunities in the future
7.To stay friends with certain important people
8.To keep on learning

8 Things I am Passionate about
3.Close Friends and Family

8 Words or Phrase I use often
2.Et toi? AHHHHH
6.Want to get some food?
7.Fuck Off
8.All the lyrics from Florence and the Machine

8 Things I learnt from the Past
1.Not to hug people you don't know,and feel awkward
2.To stop chewing my hair
3.Time goes faster then you'd ever realise
4.To leave later when meeting up with people (I'm always stupidly early)
5.To not speak back to a certain person- its not worth the hassle
6.Some people are moody- be patient with them
7.To not fall
8.Never let people touch my beutiful mirror (sorry Charlotte! its true!)

8 Places I would love to Go,Visit or See
2.Friends house
4.America (NY in particular)
5.Ireland and Scotland
7.A catwalk show
8.You know what...anywhere really? Anywhere at all? The moon,because that would be an interesting conversation.

8 Things I currently want or need
1.Drawing Skills
2.Reading material
3.Writing Skills
4.Endless wardrobe
6.Paper Airplane
7.The one who must not be named......
8.A better camera/sewing machine

And I need to tag 8 blogger friends
Marissa Explains it all
Leaves with Stripes
Malibu Mara
A fashion Saga
A clock without Hands
Under the Sheets
Fashion Nerdic


Saturday, 23 January 2010

73.Wishes for you to check out my lovely winners

Nothing like my first blog award to brighten my day,it sure did make me smile! Sorry about the pessimistic mood earlier,I have a tendancy to switch moods easily.So onto the wonderful award that I recieved from this wonderful lady-merci me..........
It's a bit of a bad image,I can't quite make out what it says!

The rules of this award are as follows:

1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted you the award, and a link to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to approximately 15 other blogs that you recently discovered, and think are great!

3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award

1.Olieregenboog- Her blog features such cute photos,and she always brings a smile to my face with her qaint posts.She's also very kind,and leaves great long comments!

2.Clothes,Cameras,and Coffee- This blog is a recent find of mine...and it was liking finding another jewel in the treasure chest of blogs.What wondeful photos,and vintage outfits! She lives in the countryside,which is a bonus-I love the natural beauty in her photos surroundings.

3.Sunshine and Chic - Just plain wonderful stuff,from a girl my age-which means I can relate to her.Leaves great comments too!

4.Pretty Pictures- I thought it would be fair to give this to there combination blog,however there individual blogs are just as good too! It's what it says on the tin-a place full of pretty pictures.

5.FadetoBlack- Another recent find which I'm in love with-she's a brit living in NY,with laidback too cool for school street fashion.Plus her sketches are crazycool.

6.Material Evidence- Also a combination blog,between two wonderful friends.Also in love with there individual blogs,check them out for great photo shoots.

7.Pas a la Mode- Was a little wary of giving an award to this person,but I think her bad ass fashion sense deserves crediting.I do very much enjoy marvelling at the things she posts.

8.fashionontoast- I know I'm often seen as the vintage girl who loves everything "cute",and I will admit I do love vintage style blogs.......but I'm also into blogs with amazing powerful style.This lady offers just that,she always looks galamorous and grungy at the same time!

9.Sisters love Fashion- Does it need explaining? I gotta tell you guys,its sisters who love fashion.

10.Tauka- This is a blog I recently found,and well this girl lives in Holland.Don't get the connection? I'M HALF DUTCH,and shes dutch and that just makes me excited in a stupid way!

11.THE RHAPSODY- This girl is a friend of Olivia of pas a la mode(also goes to my school) and her blog is just as good.Full of amazing photos,either taken by herself or sourced from other places.Always has something interesting to say,and has a great wrtiting style.Plus she sometimes scans in her artwork,what a bonus!

12.Style bird- Great blog,great photos,great style.Another one that I recently found,and was so happy to find!

13.The Clothes Horse- You might have already heard of this one,considering shes pretty popular! But I think she totally deserved an award,becuase her outfits are undeniable brilliant.I just love her blog,its always interesting and inspiring.Plus her remix outfits are wondeful too.

If you do not wish to be awarded,due to not wanting your blog to be puplisized or any other reason,just let me know and I will remove your award.

I think thats enough award giving for now! I know its not 15 winners...but I'm sure those 13 will keep you busy! Theres a variation of choices,some very well known bloggers mixed with some not so popular ones.Nobody take it personally if I haven't awarded you,I'll admit I didn't put that much effort into choosing-just awarded the ones that sprung to mind. Thanks again to merci me for awarding me!

72.Wishes that it were funny


It's funny that I seem to post
whenever I really am tired.
It's funny how when I get off the computer
I wont feel tired at all.
It's funny how
distracted I get.
It's funny how I haven't even started
my German homework yet.
It's funny how
I'm losing a friend.
It's even funnier that
I dont even care.
It's funny that I feel like
I care when its just fake.
Its funny how I feel empty
but not hollow about it.
It's funny how unsatisfying
daytime is.
Its funny how the nights
are even less satisfying.
It's funny how tired
I get of time.
Funny how
life can drain us.
It's funny that I have nothing at all to complain about,
in comparison with you and everyone else.
It's funny that
my eyes are sore right now.
It's funny that it's
never raced.
I could say it's funny how it's
barely even fluttered.

it's not funny at all.