Friday, 1 January 2010

52.Wishes for everthing on the list I know I said I'm not making any resolutions,but heres a list of some things that I'd like to achieve,buy and do.

1.Wit-Become witty,expand my brain, be more random and just generally better at writing,and giving better comebacks in an argument-ie better than just saying "shut up!"
2.Something Tweed-Okay, so a small tweed jacket or waistcoat(differing between cute and fitted or baggy boyfriend style).Maybe even tweed trousers;That would be nutty.
3.Determination-does it need explaining?...determination,determination,determination!!
4.Doodles/sketches-Basically a big book full of them.I need to practise drawing if I ever want to progress and get better.
5.Watch less,do more-My new motto!(its a crappy motto,right?) Meaning do not watch stupid TV that I dont even enjoy,but instead use the time for more productive things.NO MORE TIME WASTING.
6.Excercise-I'm not fat,but I'm not fit....and one day when I get out of school,I wont even be doing PE anymore,so I need to get into a good habit.I'm thinking rollerskating/ I just need a place to go.
7.Use less ellipsis- Too many of these "............" in my writing.Think of something else to use instead.
8.Blush less-It's not a good habit-but I guess I can't really help it.
9.Drink Coffee-It seems so sophisticated to drink coffee.It smells so good,so maybe I will like the taste now.So will try it again.
10.Bonfire-Bonfire party would be awesome! I'm thinking some time in the summer;Big garden,big trees,sparklers,friends,camera,tents,crazy music,pretty clothes,stupid dancing,pizza,hot weather,and a huge fire.
11.Velvet skirt-I'm craving one in burgundy,green, or maybe navy with soft pleats.
12.Spend less time on the computer-I do not need to stare at facebook/myspace,or check my blog every 3 hours.Seriously,the computer is hurting my eyes and engulfing me far too much.And I despise it-the only things I actually enjoy on the computer are blogging and msn.
13.Be a good child- As in do what my parents tell me,even if I think it's bullshit.Help my mum in the kitchen more,and don't lose my temper so easily.Even when my dad is being a bastard.
14.Creativity-Very important one.Basically,Charlotte is now my creative partner in crime,and we are going to make many videos and cool photos.
15.Perfume-Chanel No 5 or Miss Dior Cherie please.(I don't think its going to happen)
16.Finance-Dont be afraid to spend on the more expensive good things.....but do not spend on little frivolous things like food or chocolate.
17.Grow-Taller would be good! I think I'm due a well earned growth spurt.
18.Eat decently-As in no more skipping lunch or breakfast(I don't do it willingly,I just never make enough time for it......who can blame me? I like sleep!)
19.School-FOCUS FOCUS CONCENTRATE.Must not leave homework till the last minute,organise my time properly.
20.Cream blouse-I cant really explain the type I want....but its ala vintage and very cutesy.
21.Nailcare-Stop biting them,and get some kick ass colours to paint them. Thinking black,navy,mint,burgundy,green,and crimson.
22.Stock Ipod-Find more music,and get downloading onto Ipod.I here so many awesome songs and am like"I have to get this" and then I never do,and end up forgetting the song.
23.Keep blog going-I think it will be pretty easy,seen as I'm addicted...but who knows?
24.Try food-What could be the harm in being adventurous with my eating?I mean if it tastes rank,spit out and drink some water-atleast then I can say I've tried it.
25.Concert-I don't even know why I'm putting this as I'll never have the money for it,but I can dream.Seeing Florence,La Roux,or Vampire Weekend would be amazing.
26.Birthday-16 this year guys!! Even if it is right at the end of the year,but still it seems crazy.So this time I'm going to organise something mega for my birthday.
27.Awesome Camera-I think this is another dream really,but it would be so cool to get a good camera and tripod.
28.Presents-Give people good presents(I think I usually do,but this year they will be epic presents!)
29.Quirky Jewelry-Lots of it.A whole big stack.Rings,earrings,necklaces and braclets.
30.No C grades- I've never had a C in my life( SUPERGEEK),so it's a bit of a stupid one.However,I couldn't really say no B grades because I thought that would be abit harsh.Just get good grades,esspeccially in English,Art,German,History and Textiles.

Woah,turned out to be a very very very long list.Wonder if anyone will actually manage to read all that whithout falling asleep.Seriously,leave us a comment if you actually enjoyed reading that!!
Sofie x


  1. STOP BLUSHING!!!!!!
    what is wrong with that?!?!
    blushing is cute, they do it in anime, manga!

    bonfire party sounds so cool especially at night with twilight lights.

  2. Anonymous is right, blushing is awesome. Gig tickets to people like Florence aren't that expensive (£15 each), and Vampire Weekend is about the same. They are touring in Feb, and playing at Brixton (I think), which is about the same price. I'd go, but I'm going to see Cobra Starship instead. :3

    How tall are you anyway, you don't come across short in your photos (mad hair btw, love it, mines the same colour, but I henna it.)

  3. great, amazing,
    i really felt as if you asked ME to answer though i normally never leave comments on a blog so feel honoured (:
    it's fantastic how you can formulate your resolutions so easiliy! these are so many things and you talk about them in such a humorous way that i often had to smile.
    xo, c.

  4. LOVED reading it. Reminds me of the lists I used to write when I was sixteen. Actually, scratch that, reminds me of the lists I STILL write. I think your goals are laudable. Your blog is spiffy. I look forward to more cool stuff.


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