Thursday, 30 September 2010

191.Wishes to not do german homework and just stare at this instead

I was thinking of posting pictures,but video is far better! I realise this video is sort of tiny,but I like the extra discussion and opinions.You can always go watch just the show on youtube(which I have also done).

Like the whole colour pallette,the interesting use of texture,the creativity,the hair,the layers,and the lipstick.So good.Now I feel the need to purchase gold lipstick...even though I have not yet bought the deep crimson one I wanted from Topshop.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

190.Wishes to discover a secret garden

Todays been good.I watched the secret garden and drank cherryade.I also tidied my room and the sorts....
I love the secret garden,even if it's sort of childish.It's such a great story,and so nicely filmed.I love the scene were they all chant round a fire and try to cast their own magic.
I'm writing this whilst doing maths homework....I get distracted easily,particularly when I'm stuck with the questions,and am just confused.Maths is most definatley the worst subject.

Went shopping yesterday,and got me a coat and some shoes.Love them very much,and I'll try get some pictures soon.Sorry that this is a boring post.... :/

Friday, 24 September 2010

189.Wishes for bright skies

Ask-The Smiths

Northern Sky-Nick Drake

I'm feeling a bit weird again.I've been feeling a sense of loss a lot.Loss of myself,loss of certain friendships,loss in my family,loss of simplicity. It's like nostalgia,but twisted into sadness. I also feel terribly self absorbed and guilty with every moment of sadness/anger.
Just enjoy the music and don't read.
p.s: I was going to do a post on this cool collection,but couldn't get the images.And is not co-operating.I'll try figure it out....I'm one of the rare teens that doesnt own a phone or laptop,so maybe that accounts for my lack of technical-ness or whatever.hum?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

188.Wishes to buy cake

An excerpt from my tumblr

The other day in form we were given a booklet to fill in about our personal development.I really hate those sort of things. One page asked what our future plan was.It had a section about our other ambitions in which I wrote travel the world,eat cake and various other unserious things.It also asked how we could achieve this,and who could help answers were buy a cake,and a bakery. I really really hate those questions. Why do they make us write about that? Why do they care?

I don't know what I want to do with my future,and honestly find it too frightening to think about. I dream a lot about Paris,travelling,relationships, future homes ect.....however,it always occurs to me "what if I fail?".I mean who says I wont. Who says I wont have a failure of a life? And why are the school pressurising me to write this shit. We are constantly expected to give ourselves targets,constantly given expectations, and predicted grades.I really don't think it helps. I'm not going to write,I will do all my homework and get A*'s,and that will make my future easy and happy.Because it wont.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

187.Wishes for purple paint

H&M Jeans,vintage shoes,Topshop jacket,vintage belt

Another rather simple outfit.
I like the blue on blue thing though.I also put my hair up into a high bun today,and tied it with ribbon.I don't know how I did it,because usually I can never get all my hair to stay up-I do like wearing it this way.I kind of like this jacket,and kind of dont.It does fit me nicely,and the colour is nice but miltary is everywhere,and seems a sort of tired look by now. However ,it was only £12 in the sale....! Very cheap for Topshop.

I really don't know what to do with the rest of my Sunday..........

Saturday, 18 September 2010

186.Wishes for some hair advice!

Apolgies for the terrible expressions

The eye make-up was just something I was trying out for an upcoming fancy dress party(thinking of going as a hippie-that's if I go at all,still not sure?),but it wouldn't come off easily for the photos and I was being lazy. The actual topic in hand is my hair.So many people have mentioned how long it is,and I'm coming to realise that a year and a halfs worth of not going to the hairdressers has really payed off.I planned to grow it out long,so that I could kind of be like my mum in her younger days.My mum also has red hair,and she was kind of part of the hippie movement....very long middle parting hair :D

So I've been wearing it curtain style, sometimes with the odd little braid and thats about it. I plan to grow it for another year,then get it chopped off after next summer. But with it at this length it starts to get difficult to manage.On those greasy bad hair days,I hate to leave it down but I feel like there is no updo I can do other than a plait. I really want to try out some other things,french braids,ballerina top knots,ect ect? So any suggestions? Anything I could do with it? Any interesting intricate things I should master to make wonderful hair? Any tutorials you would reccomend?
Advice? Anything would be very much appreciated!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

185.Wishes for wonderful warmth

Both Photos taken by Charlotte

Liking my sly use of alliteration in the title :P
Two photo's from Summer.I want to go back there.Right to that spot in time,laying in the sunshine on the hay,wearing shorts,feeling wonderful.Those photos are basically a representation of the perfect summer. It's about 5 weeks till our next holiday and I am already thinking about it.I have not completed my history assignment for tommorow.... meh.

184.Wishes for December

via touchpuppet

Photos from Februarys dazed and confused.I realise this is all old news but who says looking at past editorials/collections is all bad. That's one of the things I dislike about disposable it seems? Constantly new collections,constantly new trends.And new always has to be good,and the old is always bad......?

Anyways,the collection.These Viktor and Rolf dresses are so imaginative and are really inspiring me with my own artwork at school.I've designed a sort of dress/sculptural piece,and slowly the ideas have emerged in my head and things have come together.I can actually see what I want to make in my mind,and these photo's have helped to inspire that.

In other news,I realised yesterday that I will be 16 in three months.I am always terribly late with planning parties,so this year I'm going to try to be super early. All I really want to do for my 16th is have a small gathering of some sort and camp out,and feel fresh,and have sparklers,and eat lots of cake,and run around under the stars,and possibly a bonfire.Nothing too hardcore,or big or social.No huge sweet sixteen.I can't see camping happening because my birthday is in December. hum,decisions decisions.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

183.Wishes to jump

Various photos from my last week of the summer visiting Cambridge and Leeds.After 3 days back and a pile of homework summer seems oh so far away.

It's not all doom and gloom,I guess. Yesterday I went to the Freedom Festival in my town of Hull.Hull is not renowed for it's large scale events,and not many big acts turn up. I did spend half the day with friends,in the rain having fun,however not enjoying the rather crappy selection of music on a large TV screen(we couldn't get anywhere near the stage). Later me and charlotte saw the Foals,which was so much better.We got up so close and had an amazing time.By this time it was dark,so the atmosphere was imense and the Foals were no dissapointment live. I'm so pleased I went and it was all free! whooooo.I would have never been able to go if there had been a fee.