Saturday, 28 January 2012

324.Wishes for fresh air

Two recent outfits.In love with my cat print top,Edward Scissorhands necklace,purple and blue polka dot tights(best marks and spencer buy ever) and my mums soft suede jacket.

323.Wishes to find a watch

Oh Stephen Fry and university challenge combined="geek" heaven?
On similarly "geeky" lines,I happen to like the Antiques Roadshow.It opens me to information about interesting things such as the search for Dante Rossetti's pocket watch made in memory of Elizabeth Siddal. I can't seem to find an image anywhere of it,but the thought of it hiding away in someones attic is strangely romantic.

322.Wishes to go searching

There are certain perks to having parents who previous to your birth, toured craft fairs selling handmade jewelry. I've obtained a decent collection of unsold gemstones, and as a child country walks often involved searching for them myself, peering into gushing streams, hoping to find something that sparkled and would induce a long explanation from my dad about minerals and mines. Another perk(in reference to the photos) is that once in a while my dad finds old stock amongst his junk, such as these amazing earrings found on Friday. According to my mum they were made from metal used in airplanes. I have another 7 pairs all in different shapes, and now I have the prediciment of deciding what to do with them all!

321.Wishes an end to plastic

By Carol Ann Duffy featured in Feminine Gospels

This poem makes me shudder everytime I read it.It's amazing.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

320.Wishes to be more eloquent

A highly insightful look into the new Lady Gaga/Terry Richardson book. Plus the music I had playing at the beggining really reminds me of lift music?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

319.Wishes to swish

318.Wishes for more Pink Floyd

Have A Cigar

The Great Gig in the Sky


See Emily Play

Currently cannot get enough of Pink Floyd.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

317.Wishes to drink

This little thing I made (inspired by Tracey Emins wall hangings as part of my art exam project almost a year ago) now takes a proud position on my bedroom wall.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

316.Wishes to get reading

Rather excited to get my teeth into my stupendous book pile

Monday, 2 January 2012

315.Wishes you to forgive my cliches

doodle from my doodle book
Resolution no1-Stop obsessing over Morrissey.........?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

314.Wishes for a good year

Various pages from theprinciples of uncertainty

Approximatley a week ago I finished "The Principles of Uncertainty"(a fabulous book bestowed upon me as a birthday gift) and I am now well and truly besotted by Maira Kalman.Each page made so much sense to me,and yet nothing was too explicit, each page allowed mystery to allude in my mind.So, it is thanks to Kalman that I return to ye olde blog.

Admittdley,the usual chains of school have kept me bound.Yet another chain has prevented me(I'm not sure what all these metaphors are for?-must be said that I pre wrote this post,which isn't the norm for me) from blogging.When you begin to feel that blogging is pointless,when it no longer fufills its purpose-for me a place record the more creative,less mundane aspects of my life,and once it becomes a detached, distant representation of oneself, it's time to rethink your format.

What Kalman has reminded me of is that the obscure and random are interesting and worthwile.So you ask what does this actually mean?(that is, if you've had the patience to read this far). It might mean less outfit posts.It might mean I'll no longer feel obliged to fill that horrible gap underneath a photo with text when I really have nothing to say.It'll probably mean I'll post everything and anything that interests me(as it just so happens the "fashion world" has begun to disinterest me), and hopefully will find myself with more blogger freedom.

Anyways,I send out warm wishes for the coming year!