Friday, 31 August 2012

347.Wishes to watch this forever

projecting the ultimate cool,me thinks?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

346.Wishes for blogs

Though I write my own blog, my greater involvement in the blogosphere is the reading of blogs.I hoard them on my feed.I search for new treasures on a weekly basis. And, I'd like to believe my four year commitment has made me a bit of a connoisseur. So I felt it was due time I share this "expertise" of mine in a comprehensive list ( my blogroll on the left features many blogs that I no longer read or  are no longer posted on) of my current favourite internet haunts, whether they be well known or just beginners...

Fashion pirate
Clothes,Cameras and Coffee
A Fluffy blog
Goo Blog
Gamma Camera
Hipster Musings
All swamped in flowers
Calur Villade
Tukru loves you
the flowered fashion
Satorial Tampon Queen
Self constructed freak
Olivia's Pizzazz
quirks of blazoning pens
caitlin shearer
naturally dapper

I also willingly encourage you to spam the comment section below with your own blog and favourite blogs,as I do get rather happy when I find new things.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

345.Wishes to not watch the x-factor

Film and TV are often applauded in the blogosphere for their striking visuals, and as a community our eyes have become accustomed to posts filled with meticulously chosen screen caps.

However, today I'm celebrating “Our friends in the North” not for beautiful, almost photographic compositions (I'm thinking Wes Anderson here- or even BBC1's “Wallander”) but just for being such a gripping well told series, filled with lesser known historical topics. A 9 part BBC Gem following the lives of 4 Northerners , “Our friends...” was my revision retreat during my AS level exam period. Yet I'll definitely be delving back into it as my constant retreat from the majority of the brain-destroying TV showcasing at the moment.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

344.Wishes you'd fund my oreo addiction


Just some shameful advertising of two items I've got selling on ebay,finishing this evening.