Wednesday, 30 December 2009

48.Wishes that the camera hadn't died

So I was just in the middle of taking pictures for an outfit post when the camera battery died!(and I had so many better ideas!)So unfortunatley the photos are few and not great.....

I quite like manly dressing;In the above photo I am wearing:- mums vintage coffee coloured check shirt,H & M navy jeans,dads vintage belt,mums hippie braclets(sorry no photos of them) and vintage "man" shoes from Etsy.I need to get outside for taking photos more,but its always so difficult finding places to prop my camera.This leads to me precauroiusly balancing it in trees and getting frustrated! I would like to not have just my bedroom,or other various areas of my house not to always be the background for my photos!
Today I sat and did art homework,then watched Mary Poppins( a childhood favourite),later I will be reading.So all together a relaxing,productive day...not looking forward to German Homework tommorow though!


  1. Ahhh thankyou!&& yeah my hands are fucked aha:)
    Yeah ive been writing a book for the past year and recently I just can't write it, and its almost painfullllll

  2. Beautiful photos..I love this look. xo ava


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