Tuesday, 22 December 2009

42.Wishes she didn't smell so much of permanent marker

Bored today,and wanted to pass the time so decided to finish the DIY tee I started making a while back.My first idea for a design was it would have the words "Sofie Love Oreos" in the "I love NY" t-shirts style,but thought that might be abit cliche.The inspiration for the final design came from the below necklace(which I saw months back)....

I think the result came out quite well actually,I'm pretty pleased with myself....only downside is the design was done in permanent marker instead of a fabric pen,so now I think I might get toxinated by the stench of the markers (also wont be able to wash the tee,as it will make the design run-I'm gonna need a whole load of deodorant!) Also went abit more daring with the lip colour today,added some old fashioned hollywood glamour with a bright crimson. The photos are below...

The last photo is a close up of the badges and brooches I am wearing.The batman one is a particular favourite,as I was just recently given it as a christmas present from my friend Charlotte.Wow,I'm blogging about a batman badge.She found two of them in an attic,so now we each have one and look oh so retro!Just want to say a quick thank you to her for the badge,and for being the only personal friend who follows and supports this blog!


  1. This is such a great DIY! it looks really good. x


  2. ^.^ it's ok,
    And I'm sure very very soon people will be 'supporting' this blog and yer..........

    that t-shirt came out quite nice .So, where did you find that inspiration picture?

  3. You're adorable. And you did a great job with your tee. I actually just posted your picture with a mention of your blog in MY blog
    www.FabGabBlog.com. Stop by and leave a comment to let me know you visited. Link up if you like!

  4. Hey you need to see the tee/singlet I did (Chanazl) i got caught by chanel and was sued but It was worth .

    Check it at www.montlaroc.com blog

  5. where do you get this shirt!!! iiii diiiee!! ive been looking everywhere :]! love your blow btw! im following@


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