Tuesday, 22 December 2009

43.Wishes for too much

I'm so fucking fed up trying to be something I can't be.All I want to be is that party girl,the one who drinks and smokes,with arty tattos,braids and braclets, who eats sherbet fountains and pizza,whos in control of the room, and sings no end.Get rid of the nerdy imagery and be wild,with no stupid shit to stop me.Be depressed,and rock chick and bad ass and whatever other way to explain it.It's not possible though,for me to be "cool".I really shouldn't care about it....but somehow I still do.I should just be relaxed in what I am,not long to be something else.Maybe I can rock someway,but not by being someone who's not me.Stop trying to be that silly rockstar idol....thats my newest goal.
(sorry about the rant guys!)

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