Tuesday, 1 December 2009

25.Wishes happiness to all my readers

I'm feeling joyful today,which is pretty random.I love random bursts of happiness that seem to erupt from nowhere,and have no logical reasons behind them....

I drew this about a year and a half ago,and though the hair didn't turn out right,I rememeber feeling fairly proud of it.I also remeber it was pretty spontaneous, on a cold afternoon,I just sat down and started to draw.I'm promising myself in the coming christmas holidays I will make time to just sit and draw,because it is one of the greatest,but often frustrating things.The only things I draw these days are the doodles that graffiti my hands and schoolwork,so its time to make time(that make sense?)
Also 4 followers,and 25 posts!! I cannot believe it!Thank you to anyone who reads,follows,or leaves comments.....I know thats not many people,but it sure counts!

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  1. i remeber this is quite groovy


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