Saturday, 5 December 2009

31.Wishes she would get off the darn computer

Blogging is scarily addictive! And I dont even have anything to write about,I have no idea why I'm even posting! MUST GO DO SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE


  1. I am as Dutch as Dutch can be :). En jij ben half Nederlands/Vlaams? Dan versta je het ook? Oh! Fantastisch dat je Sinterklaas kent, ik wens je dan ook een geweldige Sintdag.

    Grtjs, Poppy.

  2. Oh I am sorry I was so complexly Dutch! Christmas the English way? How is that going? I've read you als got MySpace, but I can't find you there. --> That's mine, maybe we could be friends there too.
    Oh! I also wanted to say I really like the concept of your blog, all those wishes you have. I know this sentence isn't placed at all in the rest of this comment, but I thought you would be pleased to read it and I really mean it so why not. :).

    have a nice day,


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