Saturday, 5 December 2009

30.Wishes she was a tiny dorky 13 year old part norweigen blogger,going by the name of Tavi

Okay so if you havent heard of Tavi Gevinson,then you should really check her blog out....

She's a tiny American 13 year old blogger thats taken the fashion world by storm.Her imense knowledge of haute couture is unbelievable,her quirky way of writing is adorable and her awesome outfit posts are often inspiring.Now that she has become fairly famous,she is living the glamorous lifestyle - meeting designers,going to fancy parties and appearing in magazines;By reading her blog you can follow this crazy journey.However,she still writes about general teenage life;her hatred of sport,or what shes been up to at school ect.I have never been one for idolism,but Tavi sure is too cool for school,and would be my idol anyday.She was the first blogger I was interested in,so basically she began my passion for reading blogs and finally writing my own blog.So I humbly thank her for that.

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  1. You're right, she's great! And your blog too! I really enjoy reading it, and it inspires me.

    Poppy. x


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