Sunday, 20 December 2009

39.Wishes snow never melted

So yesterday was great in york,but I haven't got anything interesting to say about it! And I didn't take a camera,so no photos!.........However,I'll make up for it with the ones below:

Woah uploaded one too many photos!32!! I'm not very selective!

It fucking snowed! Seriously big thing for it to snow before christmas(Will this years christmas be a white one!?)The snow brings out the 5 year old in me,so today I trecked up to the park and had some fun sliding around.Tumbled over a fair amount of times,and froze my fingers off but it was all good fun.The photos above were sort of meant to be like an oufit post,but I was too cold to take of my coat and show the layers below.Wore my "man" shoes with the skirt today,figuring out if they work together.I really love the skirt and big shoes idea,but wasn't sure if it would work with my pencil skirt.Hmmmm,who cares really when its so snowy outside.

So today has been brillant.And tommorow will be,and the next day,and the one after that......I'm foresseing the future,I am going to make those days brilliant.


  1. I luv ur cool pics of da snow especially da 2nd to last picture!

    Lillie Blossom

  2. Wow l loved the 5th, 25th and 27th pictures! very Christmasy I think 3-6 pictures should be a sequence that would be cute.

  3. cute pictures!



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