Thursday, 3 December 2009

27.Wishes Amelie was real

I'm posting at a the perculiar time of 10:30,which is when I would normally be at school.However,this morning I have an appointment at the orthodontist meaning I got a lie-in,which was blissful. Talking about blissful........I bring you Amelie! If you've never seen it,I urge you to watch it.Its a beautiful french film,thats so quaint and unique;it makes me smile every time I watch it.It stars the wonderfully beautiful Audrey Tautou,who was born for the role of Amelie Poulain.Take a peek at the trailer below

Oh the music is already making me want to watch it again,unfortunatley I've got to get ready for school now.


  1. No way! Does she?! I've asked for some more for christmas but the one I really want I cant find it in English, which is annoying because I saw it on TV in english so I know it's out there:@
    && I used to love blading but my skates dont fit me anymore:/ I saw your post and was like :') love love love your blog!

  2. SAME! I got it on my birthday and watched it in the evening and I cried my eyes out, it was like great way to end my birthday;)
    I draw some of it, but tend to leave to the people who are good at it...


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