Monday, 30 November 2009

24.Wishes she would motivate herself

I'm fed up complaining,and hoping things will work out.I'm fed of being lazy,never motivating myself.....never doing anything with myself.I want to start taking my chances,taking all options,saying yes to the world and grasping it all.This means to be creative,not to waste time,not distract myself(but rather motivate myself),earn money,achieve things,and look to the future.All things I find difficult to do.I've got to work it out now....start to change,motivate and dream.

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Must remember to believe in "La vie est Belle" everyday.


  1. i like your blog! is funny!
    are a lot of pics!

  2. and this idea with "wishes" is something new!
    is the first blog where i read something like that!


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