Tuesday, 10 November 2009

10.Wishes she had all the answers

I really dont know what to say today.....hmmmm.
Ahh, a topic which has been whirling round my brain recently. A topic which scares me.I love fashion blogs.They've opened my eyes,re-kindled a dying passion for fashion(did I just say that? jeeez),and constantly inspired me. The only thing that really freaks me out is the talent. So much talent.

These amazing blogs with there awesome photos,beautiful artwork,clever writing and never-ending knowledge.It scares me.I have no chance in it all.I dont have that talent (I'm not even being modest),I really dont.So I have some flair for writing,or generally being creative,but its nothing in comparison.Look at the people in my blog list,and it bursts with talent.These people will get somewhere,these people know what there talking about.Im just small,and afraid.I know I can work on it,but Ive never been good with the unknown.The unknown is a frightening thought.I may work so hard,to someday fall back into the reality that I will never make it in such a competitive industry.I am not innotive,I do not have ideas of my own.

I know I'm being a real downer,and that I must stay ambitous,but isnt half difficult not to be scared.
S x

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